January 1, 2017 - A New Year Like No Other!

Christ Child and MadonnaFather God has plans for us.  

Amazing plans!

Their gradual unfolding

like a budding flower,

can fill us with

awe and wonder.                                   



Mary and Christ Child with Glory Crown...

  (c) 1958, 1978, 2008 Raylyn Terrell

This simple drawing was a miracle - a sign and a wonder
at a major turning point in my life.  Awakening one night, I went to the kitchen table, took paper and pencil and began to draw. When I lifted the pencil, there it was. The Virgin Mary and Christ Child. To the original drawing was later added red and golden flower petals to form the halo of glory. Notice how the divine artist used me to create and frame it.    Whereas most of the classical artists put a halo above Mary's head, the frame here prevents that. We believe that this is a divine deletion, and that God Himself is correcting an ancient church doctrine.   
Many years later on November 19, 2013, at Lafayette Park across from the White House in Washington, D.C., a rally was held to proclaim the Second American Revolution. For those who attended, it was a truly defining moment personally, and for the nation.   
This link reveals the words and images we captured that day and later posted on the
Lindsay House Publishing website.   
Second American Revolution Begins  [click on the 'S']         
This time our prayers, obedience and activism - along with that of many other Christian Americans -
was fruitful! Whereas I once painfully heard Father God say, "There are not enough of you yet."
This time was different. And this is why the year of Our Lord 2017 will be like no other!  
God's people have prevailed in prayer, worshiip and obedience, and heaven has responded!
A man was given a 'Cyrus Anointing' along with prayerful and prophetic counselors. Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America, with Governor Mike Pence of Indiana to be Vice-President.  
The U.S. Congress will have a Republican Party majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives.
Vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court will be filled by candidates in-sync with the Presidential vision and calling.  
Ungodly and lawless actions of past-presidents and congresses will be nullified and repealed. Enough leaders of integrity have been at last studying the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and enough of 'We the People' are supporting them to do a thorough house-cleaning - 'to drain the swamp' as President-Elect Trump has described it.   
The era of the globalist elites is over. Thank You LORD!  
We have waited for this a loooooooong time, and now it has begun!   
Our prayers, worship and obedience must continue and increase and our work be diligent and faithful!    
The grace, favor 
and blessings of God
can now rest upon
our homes.
Now our children
will rest peacefully
as their parents
trust and obey 
Our Heavenly Father

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