Declaration of Arbroath


It was a model for the Declaration of Independence, of the  United States of America.

A Lindsay was one of those who signed the declaration of independence of Scotland, declaring themselves totally independent of England. They were allies of Robert the Bruce and fought in Bannockburn. They intermarried with the family of William Wallace and handed over some of their castles to help him in his great battle for independence.

The 20th Earl of Crawford raised the Black Watch regiment in 1739, which was originally called the Lindsay-Crawford Regiment. Today, they still stand guard over Edinburgh Castle. Later, this Earl commanded the Scot Grays. Robert Lindsay, cousin to the 26th Earl, was the first recipient of the Victoria Cross.

Lord Crawford, current chief of the family, is the 29th holder of the title and 40th feudal lord of Crawford. He is the premier Earl of Scotland. If precedence were determined by length of service in Parliament, he would also be the premier peer of the Empire, for his predecessors and he have sat in every Parliament, either Scottish or British, since 1147.

This document has been approved by Rt. Hon Robert Alexander Lindsay, the 29th Earl of Crawford.

Written by:
Anne L. Alexander, FSA Scot.
Genealogist/Archivist Clan Lindsay Association, USA
January, 2000

Lord Lindsay: Lives of the Lindsays, v.1, 1849; Jervise: Land of the Lindsays, 1853; Smibert: Clans of the Highlands of Scotlands, 1850; Publications of the Clan Lindsay Society, Scotland, 1900 to date.

Regarding the re-establishment of the Jewish people in their ancient homeland,                 

For religious, or humanitarian or philosophical or imperialist motives, prominent Britons learned Hebrew, wrote novels about restoration of the Jewish commonwealth, began settlement and exploration societies and advocated restoration of the Jews in public and in private. Among the advocates we may include Lord Lindsay, Lord Shaftesbury  Lord Palmerston, Disraeli, Lord Manchester, George Eliot, Holman Hunt, Sir Charles Warren, Hall Caine and others.

Lord Lindsay wrote:

The soil of "Palestine still enjoys her sabbaths, and only waits for the return of her banished children, and the application of industry, commensurate with her agricultural capabilities, to burst once more into universal luxuriance, and be all that she ever was in the days of Solomon.                (Crawford, A.W.C. (Lord Lindsay), Letters on Egypt, Edom and the Holy Land, London,        H. Colburn 1847, V II, p 71).

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