U.S. Constitution, and Pledge to Defend It





"I do solemnly swear to preserve,

defend and protect

the Constitution of the United States,

against all enemies, foreign and domestic . . ."




Many men and women 

have spoken these words and 

have stood by them.

They determined to fulfill their vow. 





Some have lacked, however, the spiritual and moral strength which would be required.


Then there are some who through force of habit over many years,

use words that are convenient at any moment -- in order to gain their own advantage. There is no moral integrity.



Lindsay House is now taking a 'walk down memory lane', and we invite you to come along. As we remember, let us consider our own histories, our own commitments (or lack of them), and a few histories of those whom we trusted as leaders in these United States of America.


Let us pause and reflect seriously upon these memories, upon what decisions we make today, and will soon make at the ballot box . . .


This young U.S. Army officer is an Afghanistan combat veteran.

We were honored to photograph him the day he graduated

from Liberty University with a degree in theology. He is an oathkeeper.

You may recall the man portrayed in the film 'MacArthur'.

The brilliant general's difficult relationship with President Harry S. Truman was clearly portrayed, and the moment of truth had come. Gen. MacArthur was entertaining guests at dinner. Mrs. Jeanne MacArthur approached her husband, and whispered a message to him: 

President Truman had relieved MacArthur of command, and ordered his return to the United States. The general had led the successful completion of WWII in the Pacific Theatre. He had successfully led the beginning of the physical, political and social

transformation of the Japanese nation and its people. 

When the Chinese attacked Korea, the general insisted that his U.N. Allied troops be allowed to stop the invasion and push the Chinese army back to their own border.

Truman refused.

MacArthur realized his military career was now ended.

He bowed to God's will, and He obeyed his commander-in-chief.

Truman was a legal, legitimate President of the United States.

MacArthur honored the U.S. Constitution. He was an oathkeeper.


And then, there was Richard Nixon . . .

This savvy politician was Vice-Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket which brought Dwight D. Eisenhower to the White House after the victory in Europe during WWII.

He claimed to be a Quaker. 

When Jesus Christ was asked about discerning the true from the false,

He answered: 'You will know them by their fruits.'


Frost/Nixon tells the amazing, true story of

the British TV entertainer/talk host who found funding, then Richard Nixon's agreement, 

for a series of interviews on camera.

The tipping point for Truth came when

Frost found the 'chink' in Nixon's armor.

Nixon also forgot what he had said to Frost in

a late-night phone call while he (Nixon) was in an alcoholic haze.

As a detective would say, 'the case was broken'.

The people of the USA had been cheated.

Newly sworn-in, President Gerry Ford had given Nixon a complete pardon.

Nixon had not been legally brought to account.

He simply resigned, and flew to his home in California.

But at last, thanks to the inspired perseverance of an unlikely investigator,

Richard Nixon's false front was revealed, although he still 'went scot free'. 

Nixon was NOT an oathkeeper.













Many are seeing more

clearly now, and many

are connecting the dots . . . 











Blow the trumpet in Zion,

Sound the alarm in my holy mountain!



Congresswoman Michele Bachman,

Republican from Minnesota

led the charge to repeal the infamous

Affordable Care Act.

This lady is a noteworthy oathkeeper, indeed! 





Gregory Hicks, U.S. Embassy, Libya, 

and the three murdered Americans 

Here is another noteworthy oathkeeper.




Congressman Trey Gowdy,

Chairman, Special Committee 

investigating Benghazi attack, 9/11/2012

Oathkeeper par excellence!



Finally, let us consider the person who

asked so passionately at that Benghazi hearing

 . . .

   "What difference, at this point,   

   does it make?"   



We don't see such evidence.


Congressman Gowdy and

Benghazi Select Committee

please consider the following:


    Babylon Queen - Black Widow Spider    

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