BABYLON QUEEN - The Black Widow - J H Aldridge

   Babylon Queen -- The Black Widow  


The Hourglass Spider has no Husband beside her 


She has drawn out all of his blood. 


Drawn her strong Toddy out of his body 


And has swept in like a flood. 


The Babylon Queen is exceeding keen 


To enthrone herself in her Conquered land 


To serve her time in a Liberal Clime 


To prepare for her Ultimate Stand. 


She draws her food for her Sinister Brood 


Out of Her Husband's vein. 


His writhing around while losing ground 


Does not prevent her injecting her Bane. 


To be Mistress of the House of her former Spouse 


Is the consuming passion of this Shrew. 


"No Widow I, nor pine nor sigh; 


My beauty will ever see me through". 


"I sit a Queen, and it shall be seen 


That I am Regent of mine own. 


Through my Red Hourglass the Blood has passed 


And I shall be Mistress Under the Dome." 




The Weather Vane of the Horse's mane 


Drips with Wine of her Fornication, 


And she has drunk deep of the Crimson Seep 


Wipes her mouth, and exults in her Station. 


"No wickedness have I done today under the Son. 


I have but done as the Black Widow Spider. 


I have eaten the hand of my Liege Man 


And his carcass will extend my web wider". 


The Spider's Hands draw out sticky strands 


To hang traps in her Kings' Palaces. 


She pours her Mingled Wine from Another's Vine 


Out of her costly and Ringing Chalices. 


In that Great City of Ships where all are Made Rich 


By reason of Trade and Costliness, 


The Web of her hands over The Globe expands, 


And her Eggs of Pearl blasphemies express. 


But, in One Hour, the LORD will deflower 


And Pillory this eight-legged Whore 


And with One Accord, with Flaming Sword 


She will be severed and found no more. 




The Daughter of The Spider, none to guide her, 


Will write of herself her own Book. 


And draw out a tale of Bane and of Baal 


And make into a Sword her Pruning Hook. 


What then will be said of Blood that was shed 


Will resound in The palace through and through 


And within the Royal Court they will make sport  


And burn her with fire, rue on rue. 


And the will her Web shrink away and ebb 


And the Sand will have run out in the Glass. 


The Horns will have decried and mightily defied 


And burned her Spire to a molten Mass. 


Woe! Desolation is come; Commerce ceased to hum 


And Her City is blackened with Fire. 


The Scarlet-Colored Beast her Life has Ceased; 


Thrust her through on its Horns of Ire. 


No more the Black Widow, Daughter of Megiddo; 


Laid down with Ahab the King. 


Naught but hands and feet lying in the street 


Now result from the Hourglass Spider's sting. 




"...receive power as Kings One Hour with The Beast..." Revelation 17:12


[Inspired by the Holy Spirit, November 8-9, 2000]



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