Aggie Ostrich


Ballad of Aggie Ostrich

My name is Aggie Ostrich -  I live beyond the sea.

Across the breadth of Africa, you'll find the likes of me!

I have some ways of acting that you may find rather strange.

You see it's just how I am made - and how I roam the range.


Someone took my pretty plumes and put them on their hat.

Leather from my hide made shoes - not so from a rat!

I'm really tired of being used to make you look so good!

When using me means I must die! I'm even good for food!

Not looking for approval now. Just tired of the lie

That I stick my head into the sand, when enemies come by!

This little fable's fooled a lot of folks throughout the years.

And now it's time to bury it! Just bury it, my dears!

The fable that I put my head into a sandy hole!

Its HUMANS do the hiding  --  to blame me is their goal!

A truth will never go away 'cuz you don't want to see!

Open your eyes, lift up your head -  confront the evil, like me!



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