God and Family First

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     G O D   A N D   F A M I L Y   F I R S T     

[The following is published by permission, from a 

man of God who desires to remain anonymous] 

Before The Grecian and Persian empires were, God Was!  

Before the Roman Empire and Chinese empires were, God Was!  

Before the British, French and German nations were, God Was!  

The first thing God created was not the empires of the world, or even the accumulation of knowledge, or even the commerce of the world.

Genesis 2:18 KJV "And the Lord God said 'It is not good that the man should be alone, 

I will make him a helpmate fit for him'.

In so-called "English Common Law" and in the Judicial system of the United States, precedence takes sway over singular arguments.  This means that the first ruling or first event has influence over following events or thoughts!  


When He did this, God, the creator of the universe, the "I AM THAT I AM" 


I won my college scholarship in History.  I was the only student in the entire state of New York who got a perfect score in my History Regents during that testing period!  In a secular College in Ithaca New York, I heard a history professor named Philip Dorf state the following.  

"Every nation or civilization in world history has met its demise when the people of that nation took on a mindset that


#1,    the Nation was more important than the Families in that nation, and 

#2,    the people of that nation could vote for that nation to be their provider.

Here are two truths about the USA: 

First, the political and the financial / insurance institutions on all levels place themselves and their personal gain above the rights of the American Family Units.  

Second, the people have come to think their provision comes from the government and the financial systems, and not FROM GOD!

Humble abode

In October of 2009, I had a confirmed word from the Holy Spirit. The word was 

"Go to your storehouse, and you will find your provision"!  

The following Sunday, I was in church, and there was a word of knowledge: 

"You will find your provision in your storehouse"! (the confirmation!)

For several years, the Holy Spirit has been leading me to write a thesis:  "what is a real man, and how a real man should act".  In October, while in prayer and meditation, God revealed something to me.  (It was a dark hour --  I found out that a corporation had sent 1099s to IRS that falsely showed moneys given to me for reimbursements for maintenance purchases, as income. This was done to provide the sender with a better financial record!) 

God was my source and not the SSI system and not the financial system here in the United States.

Suddenly on January 7th through the 9th, I got several calls from people all ever the nation telling me they had received a message from the Holy Spirit stating the following: 

"Go to your (closet, your warehouse, your garage) and there you will find your provision, because the financial system is not your provision, 

I AM is your provision!" 

Never in my entire life have I had so many confirmations on a specific course of life!

Sunday the 10th, I awoke with an upset stomach, and stayed in bed all day.  I was alone in the house, and was praying and meditating.  This is what the Spirit showed me to confirm the word:  

Just as the government and financial / insurance systems are against the Family unit, so is God against those systems when we rely on them for our provision!  

These are the steps he showed me to receive our real provision and our real power.

Families. A mother, a father, and children were created by God, before any other entity.  They were created first so that they have precedence over all of our being!  The financial institutions and the government institutions are not "family first". 

They are "using families as a source for their gains"!  

American public policy is now following what has brought nations throughout history to their knees:


We are at a crossroads, and we must make decisions about our lifestyles!  We have two choices.  

The government financial / insurance system 

or God's system. 


When you make your choice, remember that since WWII we have pledged allegiance to the governmental financial / insurance system, and now sixty years later, we have a morally and financially bankrupt system.  

EVERYONE who works in either of these systems is                                                      


I am not talking about anarchy or rebellion, I am simply talking about separation, complete separation, from the system of the world.

God is telling his people to go to their storehouses and there they will find their provision. One man called me to say he was told to go to his closet and there he would find his provision.  In his closet he found a shop he stopped using years ago, a shop for repair and maintenance of gas powered remote- controlled "toys" such as airplanes and cars!

One man is in the oil business, and every time he gets discouraged, he hears a sermon on provision, and oil as a provision.  The problem he has is that he is fighting the system.  The financial system makes money on our purchasing imported oil at Wal-Mart, and not Amzoil from Texas from an independent distributor.  

When talking separation from the system, I am talking separation, not picking and choosing!  Every $1,000.00 spent on imported domestic goods represents an hour that a company is not in business here in the United States.  We must go to our storehouses, and find our provision. 

We may have a skill, or a source of supply from which we can build a business.  We may only have our prayer closet, but every step is a step that will make us again independent from the world financial system and dependent on God for our provision.  

We must "wean" ourselves from dependence on the big block importers, and go to locally owned retailers for our needs. We must start demanding that they stock locally made products and services.           

The big block importers do not pay living wages while their executives collect BILLIONS annually in bonuses!

From the 18th chapter of the Book of Revelation :

4  I heard another voice from heaven, saying, "Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues;

 5  for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.

In Luke 10, Jesus sent seventy men out in thirty-five groups of two each, to preach the Word.  He told them to first seek the peace (that surpasses all understanding, the peace of the Holy Spirit) and in a house with that peace, "remain eating and drinking such things as they give, for a workman is worthy of his hire".  God has already given us the promise of our provision when we choose God's system.  He will give us our provision when we "buy into God's system" and "get out of the worldly financial system."

HOWEVER I must give you a warning.  The financial system does not like self-employed people, because they do not contribute to their bonuses and to their financial fraud and gain.  For the past six decades, government rules and regulations, and the financial system have been against everyone who wants to have his own provision because it is outside of governmental control.  

For example, consider our so-called credit reporting system.  It was supposedly started to report "if a person pays his bills or not". In reality the regulations have stifled our freedom.  One of our rights is to shop around for the best rates on interest and charges. 


BUT EVERY TIME we make a request for a rate quote, we are told that "first you have to get a credit report".  Every time we allow them to get a credit report, our score drops 25 to 50 points.  The lower the credit score, the higher the interest.  Note the TV ads that contain the qualifying statement "to well qualified individuals".

What is God's system?  First look at Proverbs 31 as a starting point.  Your family is first, not your creditors or your government.  Hundreds of governments have risen and fallen over the generations, but God created the family, and the family remains.  Your children do not need "friends" they need family!  

To "buy into" God's system, you have to embrace the entire system, and turn your back on the present financial system here in the United States.  Nowhere in the Bible (the only inspired true word of God) does it contain the words "stock market" or "insurance" or "single mom" or "my babies' daddies" or "abortion" or any such things.

What Scripture DOES say is:

The wages of sin is death!    Romans 6:23 

What is Sin?  Sin is separation from the Word of God! 

Nothing can be simpler than that.

In order to succeed in Life, we have to turn to the Word of God, and away from all other lifestyles.  When the leaders of the financial system find out that they are not involved in millions of successful lives, they and the government will wake up.

What is the word of God saying?  

Families first, worship and provision from God, 

and unity in the Body of Christ.  

Your first step is to go to your storehouse and find your provision!



[This word came to me following three days of calls from all over the nation that confirmed to me a word: that we as a nation have taken God and our families off the top places on our priority list and instead, have put the financial / insurance system to the forefront of our lives. God is grieved!]

[part 2 - A Testimony]

I received a call this afternoon from a lady in Massachusetts.  She had been forwarded my e-mail by a friend in Illinois  with whom she had gone to school.  She asked me to call her mother in Northern New England because her mother wanted to give me a testimony on being separated from the world financial system.


The testimony of a lady from New England: 

My husband and I had been married nearly three years when he got hired by a manufacturing company in Vermont.  He passed the physical and drug test and was to report to the entrance of the plant at 6:45 am the following Monday.  He got out of bed, dressed, and headed to work.  He pulled up to the plant at 6:30, but before he could make the gate, he felt this message in his spirit: "This is not the place for me". 

He returned home by 7:30, and we immediately had a "family" conference.


My husband's father was a carpenter, with whom he had been working for years. His father had a health problem however, and had left the area.  All we had in the world was an old pick-up truck, some of his fathers tools, and the clothes on our backs.  We decided that we would live an unconventional lifestyle, and that we would be self-employed.  

He started his carpentry business and it has since grown into a finishing mill shop, finishing and custom-sawing lumber for carpenters over a three state area; as well as doing carpentry work for customers.


All I knew how to do was garden, so I went to large old New England homes looking for work, and soon had a list of customers for whom I did gardening and landscape work.  I was able to charge competitive prices because I had no "overhead" or franchise fees.  On mowing days, my husband and I went to my customers.  He used the riding mower while I trimmed with the hand mower and finishing tools.


Twenty-nine years later, we have a four bedroom home, with a detached wood-fired hot water heating system.  We put all three children through college without any student loans. We built our own home (without a mortgage) on a six-acre lot we purchased for cash.  Over the mill shop we have a soundproof apartment we rent out for income, as well as two older apartment houses we bought for cash where we rent out the apartments for income.


None of our children had babies before they got married, and all of my grandchildren live with their natural, married parents.  We never work on Sunday,  as we reserve that day for worship and family.


We have had some roadblocks along the way, however.  

We get audited every few years because the IRS does not believe that we do not take deductions for interest.  We have never borrowed or mortgaged our property, and we have built our business 

"a brick at a time".  

We have no credit rating because we have never used credit for purchases, so we have to buy all our vehicles, supplies, work materials etc., on a cash-and-carry basis.  The closest thing we have to credit is a debit card with each of our two business checking accounts.  We built the shop first on the land and literally lived in the shop in a tent for two years while we were framing in our house.  Then we lived in the kitchen while we were finishing each room one at a time, when funds and materials were available.      The total house project took nine years to completion, but we were happy and never had to worry about debt or interest!


Then she concluded: 

"If forty million families took this same course, we would never have to worry about recessions, bankruptcy, unemployment or any of those things. 

God bless you for your wisdom!"                                


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