Surprises and Suddenlies

Panorama, pine tree, orange clouds     
S u r p r i s e s
S u d d e n l i e s     


What a wonderful thought!

Now LIBERTY defended,

That's so bloodily been bought!

Though the Church has been a-slumbering

And its people unaware,

While the darkness has enveloped us,

And so few seemed to care.

But loss of wealth has stolen in,

Opportunities disappeared,

While global money interests

Accomplished what we feared:

The visions of the apostate

Knights Templar come to pass,

And servants of the evil one

Have surfaced at long last!

But oh! What is this laughter

Coming from the Throne above?

Is God laughing at the evil ones

Who scorn His Law of Love?

At last, from Arizona,

In a town they call SURPRISE,

Comes a call to truth and action,

And the fog is forced to rise!


What a glorious thought!

Now LIBERTY defended,

That's so bloodily been bought!

[inspired by the announcement 

 by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of

Maricopa County, Arizona,

which began the

Cold Case Posse investigation

the results of which

are made public today,

March 1, 2012.]      


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