Miracle in Trade Tower Two - Raylyn Terrell



  Miracle in 

   Trade Tower Two  




Cover us, Lord, Oh cover us. Cover us under your precious Blood. 


It was nine/one one, of year '01; a day His mercy covers.

I'll not forget, it's with me yet; as with so many others.

To the Tower that day he went, his office in the sky. 

A banker he, with soul so free, not knowing he might die.


Across the way that fateful day, the fire was raining down.

No time to doubt, "Let's get out!" What a bad day in this town. 

The "temp" and he, 'twas plain to see, they should not wait 'til later.

He had to flee, my son Stanley, and ran to the elevator.


Cover us, Lord, oh cover us. Cover us under your precious Blood.


Others joining with them too, ran to save their lives.

Then at the concourse they were told. "Go back!" as they arrived.

So back they went, by authority sent. "It's going to be alright."

The "temp" was sent home. My son returned alone, to his office in the sky.


A fearful sight, from that great height, my son then saw before him.

To run was vain, as the airline plane was about to ram the building.

Miracle started, by God imparted; the plane's course veered just slightly.

Jumping under the desk, this was no jest! God's hand covered him tightly.



Loaded with fuel, under Satan's rule, the airplane tore on through.

Exploding then, killing women and men; missile in the terrorists' coup.

A wing was there, so close to where Stanley strained to arise from the rubble.

The evil one's lust spewed flame and dust; yet Stanley stood in a bubble.



Cover us, Lord, oh cover us. Cover us under your precious Blood! 


He did not cower, but with great power, shook off the debris cover.

He felt God's strength and all the length of him rose as an angel did hover.

"I want to see my family. Lord! Help me through this hour!"

Though cut and bruised, defeat refused, he resisted the Devil's power. 


A flash of light brought a beam so bright, from a man beyond the wall.

They called and prayed, in faith obeyed; God's Spirit would not let them fall.

"You're no match for me and My Lord!" 

God's strength was pouring through him.

Punching through, the man helping too, the stairwell they entered in.


Stanley and Brian, battered and sighin', made their way down 81 sets of stairs.

Each time the same, when to rescuers they came, they were told with urgent care,

To "Run! Run! Run!" and so it was done, through the concourse surrounded by fire.

Wet and filthy, but oh! so wealthy! they ran through that scene so dire.



To Trinity Church they came besmirched, to offer thanks and praise.

As they reached the gate, on that 9/11 date, they turned around to gaze.

And as they looked, the building shook; that giant and proud endeavor, 

World Trade Tower Two, just before Tower One, collapsed, and was gone forever.


Cover us LORD, Oh cover us!

Cover us under your precious Blood!






To God be the glory!

Raylyn Terrell                                     


October 6, 2001


(From testimony of Stanley Praimnath written by Dan Van Veen, and posted on the CBN website. Stanley was a deacon and Sunday school superintendent in an AoG church on Long Island; an Asst. Vice Pres. in loan dept. of Fuji Bank. His office was on the 81st floor of World Trade Tower #2 in NYC.) 






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