Obey My Voice!

The Great Commission


Obey My Voice!


The Holy Spirit is still speaking!  He speaks through human lips.

He writes through human hands.

He draws through the hand of the artist, and

He creates music that can transform a life!


What is He saying today? Through whom does He speak?

Let us seek, until we find;

Knock, until the door opens;

Give, until we receive.


It all begins with the Book of Books, the Holy Bible.


There are many books today which roll off of the presses, and stock the shelves of sales outlets. The writer made a trip to the United Kingdom, from Virginia in the USA. This meant hours spent in airports, on airplanes and on trains, and therefore there was time to read.


One popular author is represented with shelves full of copies of his second bestselling novel. Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people are reading this novel, even as they read the author's first bestseller.


What is so appealing about this man's writing?  I wondered. To find the answer, I had to join the crowd and read the book, and the following conclusions have been reached:

Le Mont St. MichelThis man's descriptive writing is very good. His storytelling is very good. His characters are intelligent and well-educated. They are involved with quickly developing scenarios requiring use of their wits and specialized knowledge. Therefore, they are constantly living adventures that most of us can scarcely dream of.

 Le Mont St. Michel, Normandy

Alright. But it is the content, the subject matter of these stories that make them so relevant today. The issues that should concern us all are woven deeply into the fabric of the story.



More than ever, we are a hungry people. We want and need answers. The answers we truly need are the timeless ones, and our souls are looking for the mileposts.


We know that we have been lied to by the governmental authorities, greatly helped by the media. We want to know what these lies are and who is responsible. We want to know how to turn the light of truth on them, and thereby cancel their ugliness.


We want, quite simply, to heal history.

We know deep-down, that the "all things are relative," "god is dead," "you are your own god" voices are speaking so much drivel.


Most of us have not yet concluded that such philosophy comes from the pit of hell, but we are rapidly heading toward that conclusion.


To this writer, such elements explain the overwhelming popularity of these modern novels. We are a people wanting very much to KNOW that somewhere there is Truth to be discovered and passionately defended.


If we seek, we will find, and we will find Him Who said,


"I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father, but by Me."


There has to be a true foundation; a rock that cannot be moved. What is built on this foundation, will survive the storms of life.


Religious tradition is like swiss cheese, squishy, with lots of holes --

ALL religious tradition that in any way departs from Holy Scripture!


Getting back to the fore-mentioned novel:

The tension and drama develop as the villain's faith in a religious tradition and the vast structure built upon it, is violated. The result is increasing madness, lying deception and multiple murders. All grow from the man's passionate desire to protect and preserve the traditional structure with its fašade of "faith."


One lie leads to another. One murder leads to another.


As satan's control over the man increases, sin piles upon sin. Because the man's position in the structure gives him authority and vast resources, many lives are affected and endangered.


Finally, the hero and heroine, both physically fit and intellectually equipped agnostics, aid in uncovering the truth.


Then the villain, in a last self-glorifying act, immolates himself before the eyes of the world -

because, of course, the media are in full attendance.


Cross, florist's window   So much for the voices of religious tradition, amplified by the media.


   Jesus said,

   "If you follow on to be My disciples,

    you shall know the truth,

    and the truth shall make you free."

    Peter said:

    "You are the Christ, the son of God."

     Jesus answered,

     "And on this rock

     [not Peter as a man, but on the revelation,

     'You are the Christ"]


I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."


This is the sure foundation. This is the Rock.

Jesus, the Christ, is the Son of the Living God, and

He shall reign forever and ever!


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