Prayer of Release


Dr. Paul L. Cox was theologically trained, and pastored as a Baptist.

He and his wife, Donna, now shepherd an international ministry, Aslan's Place, which brings divine revelation, and activation of generational deliverance to those seeking it.


Dr. Cox developed the following prayer to facilitate a believer's understanding of the scriptural need for deliverance. Through personal experience, the validity and necessity of such a ministry will help prepare us for the Coming of the Lord.


So, let us enter the Holy of Holies by the Blood of the Lamb, and with the faith of a little child.



Geese at Dawn

"Prayer of Release from Chronic

Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Disorders"

Lord, I repent and renounce and I ask You to forgive me and my generational line for coming into agreement with gossip, slander, critical judgment, envy, strife, holding offenses, accusation, and jealousy.

Lord, I repent for myself and those in my generational line who came against You by lying, denying You, speaking accusations against You, conceiving and uttering falsehoods from the heart, speaking oppression and revolt, and entering into witchcraft.

Lord, I ask You to break the generational curse and agreement when accusations came into the generational line. Lord, I break and renounce assignments and agreements with any lying spirit and the generational curse resulting from that.

I ask Your forgiveness, Lord, and I repent on behalf of myself and my forefathers. I ask You to break the generational curse and loose a blessing. I choose to bring my spirit, soul, and body into agreement with the Spirit of Truth.

Lord, would You make null and void and cancel any reinforcement of curses and their assignments in their allotted time. Lord, would you disconnect me from all ungodly heavenly places. Lord, will You now seat me in Your heavenly places.


Lord, I repent and ask forgiveness for operating in an independent spirit when I came into agreement with gossip, slander, accusation and walked away from You and the Body of Christ, causing disunity and isolation in the Body of Christ. Today, I choose by Your mercy to be reconciled and to be restored into the unity of Your Body.

Lord, I repent for coming into agreement with slander that has been spoken against me and receiving the offenses and not blessing my enemy.

Lord, I ask that I not conceive trouble. Please destroy the viper and spider eggs that have been placed into me-slander, hatred, self-rejection and gossip. May no adders or spiders be allowed to come forth from this generation forward.

Lord, would you remove all cobwebs of false clothing and nesting places that may be covering my body. Lord, will you also remove the cobwebs of false identity from my body and soul and remove all deception that clouds my perception of my true identity. And where my past generations and I have allowed the enemy to weave within me a web of false identity, coming into agreement with this illness as who I am, forgive me for gaining my identity from diseases and not from You.

Release me, for You wove me in my mother's womb and I agree that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Lord, give me Your revelation of my true identity in Christ, which I now receive.

Lord, would You completely restore my ability to receive all that I need from You including healing, revelation, and restoration of my spirit, soul, and body.

Lord, I forgive the Body of Christ for reacting in judgment and rejection against those who are being wounded by witchcraft and curses that are being empowered and reinforced over time.

Lord, forgive me for making bitter root judgments against those who have harmed me in any way. I forgive the Body of Christ for not accepting, understanding and protecting me.


Lord, I choose to forgive those who have rejected me and who, in doing so, have further empowered the curses already against me.

Lord, forgive me and my generational line for not having the strength to resist the enemy's assault on my mind day and night, and therefore accepting the feeling of helplessness in stopping this demonic flow.

Lord, would You renew my mind so that I can have Your mind and know that I can take every thought captive to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to know that You are my sure defense and that I am safe in the shelter of Your wings.

Lord, I ask You to raise up a standard based upon Ephesians 4:31 and remove all effects of bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, and slander along with every form of malice. Lord, break off all generational curses, the reinforcement of curses in their allotted times in all heavenly places, and all spiritual, mental, and physical retribution. Lord, please protect those who repent and turn from their generational sin, witchcraft, and idolatry.

Lord, would You realign with Your purpose and heal the receptors of the cells that make up my being so my divine calling and destiny will be fulfilled.

I receive the promise that I am no longer a prey of the enemy. You are my Shepherd. You feed me and I receive Your covenant of peace that I may dwell safely. I choose to be a blessing around Your Holy hill and receive the showers of blessings You promise in season, that there would be fruitfulness and increase in my life.

I know that the bands of the yoke are broken and I am delivered from the hands and words of those who have made me a prey. I know that I belong to You and You are with me. I embrace my restoration within the Body of Christ and the restoration of receptor sites of my own body.

Lord, thank You for considering my cause and my affliction and delivering me and my generations-past, present, and future-for I do not forget Your law. Lord, thank You for pleading my cause through the generations and reviving me and my family line according to Your Word. Because I trust You, Lord, I am like Mt. Zion which cannot be moved but abides forever.

Moon and clouds

So I thank You, Lord, for delivering me and my family generations-past, present, and future. Thank You for redeeming me and reviving me and my family line throughout the generations according to Your Word. For as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so You, Lord, surround me and my family generations-past, present, and future from this time forth and forever.

Thank You, Lord, that the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous, because the entirety of Your Word is Truth and every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever. Lord, thank You for restoring the Scepter of Righteousness.

Lord, will You forgive me and my generational line for closing the doors of Your anointing and blessing. Lord, will you now bless me and open the doors of Your anointing and blessing and release the generational blessings, gifts, callings and goodness that my generational line did not receive.

Dr. Paul L. Cox
Aslan's Place



Scriptures to Meditate on and study:

Isaiah 59; Proverbs 18:21, Isaiah 54:17; Genesis 15:11; Ezekiel 34:22-28; Psalm 139; Job 8:14; Psalm 119:153-160; Psalm 125:1-3;

Psalm 89:28-29; Ephesians 1:3, 17-19; Ephesians 4:29, 4:31; Isaiah 55:6-13; II Chronicles 7:14-16; James 3


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