American Freedom

     American Freedom     


Good and effective communication requires that there be some common bond as a basis for understanding. Here in the United States of America most of us have the English language. But there are many people within our borders who do not yet speak our language. We must teach them. It would be good to learn their languages and at least, we can learn their songs. 


Music can cross barriers in minds and hearts, better than anything except love.


Love is the most universal communicator of all.  Love means acceptance. Love means forgiveness. Love means reaching out to help each other in time of need, and love also means a willingness to convey liberating truth whether people want to hear it or not. Let us learn to express the truths we hold dear so as to draw the hearer, if his mind and heart be open.


Truth can open the prison doors of the soul. 

It takes love to overcome

the fear of walking through those doors.


On the other hand, deception and outright lies are the tools of freedom's enemies. If a society can be convinced that universal realities such as love, truth and freedom are vague concepts open to all kinds of hazy interpretations, that society will be like a piece of swiss cheese: full of holes.


If, however, those who practice love, seek and respect the truth and possess freedom, will communicate these realities to others, they will become the bearers of peace.


The other necessary ingredient to this recipe is self-discipline. Many wrongs against individuals and the American public have been committed by those not trained in the responsibilities of their liberty.


Separation of Church and State?

Firstly, this phrase is not in our Constitution. It comes from a letter by Thomas Jefferson. It did appear in the articles of the constitution of the U.S.S.R. What Americans should treasure, however, is this phrase in the third article of our Bill of Rights:


"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."


Our forefathers needed this phrase to assure that there would be no state church enforcing its doctrines and practices on the citizens, since many of our first settlers came here because they had been victims of religious persecution in Europe and the British Empire. They wanted to be free to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience, and we today have inherited that wonderful freedom. But we must be on our guard! Among us are those working deceitfully to steal it from us.


The word, religion, we may define as an organized structure of beliefs and practices, visible in an identifiable group of people. The word, religion, then, does not describe an individual's personal relationship with God, and the life which flows from that relationship.


The correct word for this God-man relationship is spirituality -- pertaining to the spiritual -- a human being having personal relationship with their Creator God. (Some, are deceived however, and have personal relationship with our spiritual enemy. These do not recognize the divine authority of the Holy Bible. They use the word, spirituality, differently.


What pertains to the mental and emotional part of mankind belongs to the soul, and the practice of a religion comes under this category. Why then are Americans continually being put on the defensive by much of the media when they express their faith in God and their reverence for His Word, the Holy Bible? They are exercising their right, won for them by the blood and material sacrifice of their forebears during the American Revolution. To force their faith on others however, is not a spiritual activity, but a religious one. As Americans, all legal adults are free to seek the way that is right for them as individuals, within legal limits. Until a child's legal emancipation however, it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to guide their children, and to pass on the truths by which they guide their own lives. Spiritually motivated people discover that biblically motivated prayer, not argument or force, is honored by God.


This is why Christian and Jewish parents teach their children the Holy Scriptures, teach them to pray (communicate with God), and encourage them to form their own personal relationship with their Creator. This is why they take their children to places of worship.  All Americans have the same right, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, whether they be proponents of Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, or any other sect or cult.  This freedom to worship according to conscience is what makes the United States of America unique.


Let us not apologize for our faith in, and love for God. Let us proclaim it freely, as our Constitution has given us the right to do. By proclaiming the truth we have found, we open prison doors to many captives. Then God, when we pray biblically, will give them courage to walk through the doors, leaving the prison house forever.


Practicing Medicine?

Most medical doctors in the U.S.A. are not true health practitioners, and hospitals in the main, are not healthy places. M.D.s diagnose and treat symptoms. They are trained in institutions funded primarily by the pharmaceutical industry and foundations controlled by the same profiteers. 

An organization such as the American Medical Association (A.M.A.) HAS LITTLE CLAIM ON THE WORD 'HEALTH' TO DESCRIBE ITS ACTIVITIES. Medical practice in the U.S.A. has for many years meant drugs, surgery, radiation and little else.  All three modes of treatment are often harmful and sometimes fatal. This situation has long existed, in spite of Hippocrates exhortation: 

FIRST, DO NO HARM.                       

The second dictum of Hippocrates was hidden from public view by the medical societies for most of the 20th century:                       

LET FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE                   

There are true health professionals however, and these include chiropractors, nutritionists, midwives, naturopaths, and physical therapists. They also include some medical doctors whose eyes have been opened to the possibility and promise of human wholeness, understanding the purpose of the immune system and its care.                       

Let us acknowledge and understand these truths:

We must teach ourselves and others the laws of health, taking personal responsibility for ourselves.


This will change the American medical system.


This will change the insurance industry.


This will change Medicare.


Therefore, the American people will be set free from the strangleholds of these systems which have bankrupted families and the nation. Avoiding the tragedies of disease and early death is wisdom -- it is not "practicing medicine." 

In the United States of America, medical science concerns itself with diagnosing disease and the attempted removal of symptoms.  M.D.s in the main, know very little about building and maintaining true health. 


Let us remove the smoke and mirrors of allopathic propaganda and practice.


"I Am the Lord who heals you" is one of God's names.


He did not create the present American medical system. In fact, since its roots are planted in greed and deceit, it's got to be abolished.


No more band-aids. No more life-support. No more inflated dollar infusions. Especially, NO MORE ARMY OF LOBBYISTS TO CONGRESS AND STATE LEGISLATURES.


The rotted tree is coming down and its roots are being pulled up.

NOW is the time for the American people to learn how to naturally prevent disease, early aging and death, and the impoverishment of their families by America's so-called "health" system.


Every time we speak or write the truth of these things, we drive nails into the coffin of the system that's already dead.


It's time to bring forth the new, healthy model for America and the world.

Compassion! Education! Moral and financial support!


Let's go for it!!!


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