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[The following was posted by “eaglsong” on, January 24, 2009 about  Raylyn Terrell’s mother, Margaret B. Lindsay.]

In 1979 my Mom, we call her Mamoo, was taken to the hospital after a collapse. Doctor's diagnosis was congestive heart failure--heart, kidneys, lungs all involved. Lupus was added to the list. Doctors didn't give us any hope.

After praying into the night, I was assured Mamoo would recover, and proceeded to do the following:

In the hospital administrator's office, the man heard about my determination to take a juicing machine (I had a Champion) up to her intensive care unit and prepare fresh juices outside her room. "She needs fresh, raw food to heal and rebuild her body" I said. "Hospital food has practically none of that. She will not survive otherwise" I told him. "Well, it's never been done before" he said, "but if you get the doctor's permission I guess it won't hurt."

Later the doctor said, I DON'T KNOW APPLES FROM APPLES. Talk to the dietitian. If she OKs it, then so will I."

Talking with two dietitians, one was openly skeptical. The other was openly curious, and wanted to give me the green light.

I also demanded that my natural health counselor (trained in the  Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) and a juicing expert, be brought in to consult with the dietitians. She looked at two weeks of menus, xed out almost everything on them, and made positive suggestions such as apple sauce, avocado and oatmeal, which I added to the juicing diet. When the feeding tube was removed, I lugged the juicer up to the Respiratory ICU and began Mamoo's new lifestyle. Twice a day this continued until Mamoo left the hospital five weeks after entry. You should have seen the radiant smile on her face as she was delivered to my waiting car!

For the first two weeks at home, three family members took turns staying with her and making sure she was fed and juiced. By that time, Mamoo was juicing on her own.

Several weeks later, she celebrated Christmas with the family -- and I mean                                                  WE REALLY CELEBRATED!

We were blessed with eleven more wonderful years with "our family angel."

Posted by "eaglsong" on, April 23, 2009:

Here’s another MAMOO (Margaret Lindsay) story:

The fourth year after the congestive heart failure events , my mother, (Mamoo) was learning to discern truth from lies and deception.

She had already proved the life-saving and healing results of body-cleansing and juicing. She was daily searching the Bible and asking for, and receiving answers to vital questions.

She watched a trusted TV evangelist one day, and heard him say: “There’s a lady named Margaret. The Lord wants you to know that you should not worry about that cancer. He’s taking care of it.”

How do I know that these were his exact words? Because, unknown to my mother, I was watching this same program. I grabbed the telephone. “Mom, “ I said, “I just heard God say that He was taking care of your cancer!”

“I know,” she laughed as she answered. I was watching the program too!“ Father’s love was showing!

Mamoo went to a natural practitioner and got a thermal reading of her breast.

We went to three mainstream surgeons for their opinions. The first two said: “We need to remove that breast.” The third surgeon said: “We’ll take off that breast, and we should take the other one off too, just in case.”

(Let’s remember that surgeons use lots of drugs in their work. They’ve been carefully taught.)

In the car, I said: “Dear, you need to make the decision yourself. It is your body, and your responsibility. You know what my decision would be, if I were in your place.”

“I’ve already made up my mind” she said. "The natural way got me through the congestive heart failure, and Dr. M. guided my progress. Nicole taught me about body cleansing and juicing. I’m going with the natural therapy again.” And she did.

A year later, Dr. M. told Mamoo, “It’s time to take a biopsy of that tissue coming out of the dimple in your breast, and send it to the lab.”  Later, Dr. M. called Mamoo and said: “THE LAB REPORT IS BACK. WHAT WE SENT IS DEAD TISSUE WHICH WAS FORMERLY CANCEROUS. YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM DID THE JOB."




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