Mosaic Man


Your Life is Like a Mosaic: Awaken!

Recently a tongues message came forth and I heard the Lord say:

"Your life is like a mosaic. 

In the midst of Me piecing you together, the enemy has inserted pieces of infirmity. He has used your circumstances to fragment your soul. He has tried to keep the brokenness in you so you cannot form the new picture and vision for your future. But I am your Abba, Father.  I am the One who knew you from the beginning. I know how to piece you together. 

 I am the One who knew the plan and the pattern for your best to come forth.  Though the enemy has placed other pieces within you, I am doing surgery to remove these miscoded pieces. This is a difficult time for you, for it is a season of removal and separation.  I love you and will remove and replace the fragmented, war torn pieces with My love and wisdom. 

Brado Museum, Tunisia ,
Photo, Sally W., 2007
Get ready, for My manifold goodness and wisdom will now be seen in you in a new way. You will display your colorful power to the demonic realm that has held you captive.

Arise, shine and radiate. I am filling the boundaries of My inheritance with glory. You will hear a new call.  I am revealing some places where My inheritance is not filled with glory, and curses are in operation. To enlarge your sphere, I will have to overtake those places. 

Procrastination, not making the most of My time, is a great competitor of My purposes. This is competing with you wearing the prosperity I have for you now and in days ahead. Infirmity is working against the strength of My people.

Rise up,

awaken the dawn,

shake out the evil workers,

put your hand to the plow and advance in the field that I am
setting before you.

New passion is coming alive in you.

Arise and awaken to My passion and strength." 

[Dr. Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion Ministries]


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