HEY IRMA! - a ballad with a smile


Hey Irma, what'cha doin', hey hey

Hey Irma, what'cha doin'? 

A neighbor's palm tree split in half,

a second tree is sad,

Another neighbor's fence blew down,

Doggie needs it says Dad.

Hey Irma, what'cha doin', hey hey

Hey Irma, what'cha doin'?  

You swept the dirt right off my porch,

SO  thanks to you for that !

Then on the second day you wore

your power-washer hat !

The winds did blow, the rain did drive,

and Irma gave a gift.

My screen porch got a power wash

with no electric-lift !

Hey Irma, look at what you've done,

The neighbors start to smile.

They're findin' ways to offer help

and go a second mile!

Hey Irma, whatcha doin', hey hey,

Hey Irma, whatcha doin'? 

We hear-tell monster storms like you

will do a job for heaven.

Crashin' wicked heads, no less!

Whether six or sixty-seven.

Since heaven keeps close track of them 

that truly hate the LORD,

Each one is watched so carefully

as they deny God's Word !

So Irma, thanks again we say

 for gifts, both large and small.

But just don't take it personal . . .


No, no, no, don't come    again !

La la   la la la la 

Halle lu Jah !


copyright 2017 Lindsay House Publishing

all rights reserved


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