Radio Talk Show Host Meets Columbo

When the

Radio talk show host meets Columbo

Another day, another episode of 'Columbo' the TV detective from Los Angeles created by Peter Falk some years ago.

The lead character, Fielding Chase was a suave, self-composed radio talk show host who seemed to know what to do, know what to say, and always managed to manipulate individuals and situations to achieve his own twisted purposes. 'He actually thinks he is god and get his own way' the lady said to herself. 'He scares me!'

Sure enough as the plot played out, Fielding Chase used his charm and guile, then resorted to trickery and murder. 

Victoria, his foster daughter - now 23 - loved the man who had raised her after her mother died when she was 7, and now worked faithfully as his assistant at the radio station. She had secretly written a novel however, and was afraid to show it to him.

A friend read the manuscript, liked it, and asked a literary agent he knew to help Victoria. When Chase found out about this, he 'took out' Victoria's friend.

The lady was reminded of a situation recently in the news.                Many felt that a political staff person was targeted and was killed by an unknown assailant while walking home from a neighborhood bar in the early hours of the morning.

'Human nature hasn't changed' she whispered. People with money, power and influence - used to getting their own way were still 'playing god' and thinking they could get away with it. There was always someone around eager to take their blood-money for doing the deed.

The lady wondered . . . does art imitate life? Or did life imitate art? Or does life go around in circles, with the circles intersecting each other?

Her confusion grew until she took the one step needed to restore her peace of mind and heart. She picked up her bible . . . she read . . . she committed the situation into the hand of her Heavenly Father. Then as His wonderful gift of Peace flowed through her being, she rested, and sang her thanksgiving.

Considering again the TV story, the lady saw the detective, Columbo weave a web to entrap the murderer in his own lies, and the handcuffs were placed upon him.

The lady was reassured. Even so, the lies, deceptions, thefts and murders of the present real-life players were being exposed one-by-one, documented, and compiled into evidence leading to criminal indictment. Sheriffs of the relevant locations were on alert. At the appropriate time they would act, and the perpetrators would be taken into custody. 

'Thank God for our U.S. Constitution!' said the lady, as her eyes rested on the copy she kept close at hand . . .

As she reached out to touch that pamphlet, she felt the 

Presence of the divine Author who had lovingly and painstakingly guided the men (and their prayerful wives and families), to craft that document. Along with the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution with its Bill of Rights, had made the United States of America the envy of the world. 

The lady began in a whisper, then continued to pray with boldness and renewed determination for her country and its new leaders.

'Show Yourself strong, oh LORD. Bless, strengthen, protect, give wisdom and discerning of spirits to our new leaders! Cancel and overturn the devices of the wicked. 

YOURS is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever!

YOUR kingdom come, YOUR will be done, in Jesus' mighty and holy Name, AMEN!'

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