God Says, "I Played My Trump Card, I Will Win the Hand" - Johnny Enlow

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God Says, "I Played My Trump Card, I Will Win the Hand"

Johnny Enlow, Santa Clarita, CA

Word of the Lord released by Johnny Enlow on Thursday, May 18, 2017:

Last night I was awakened with an intense and fiery word from the Lord that I will attempt to convey. This is what I heard:

"Be not moved and shaken by the present shakings, rumblings and reactions coming out of DC. I did not go out of My way to affect this last election to then suddenly have it aborted. I played My Trump card and I will win the hand. This move does not require My Trump card to be perfect, as I have already taken all of that into consideration - as I always do - when I choose anyone for any assignment that I have.

"Jesus was the last man that had the character in place to actually sustain the call upon His life. Since then no one has had the character-base necessary for the great assignments that I have given out. Do not wrongly assume that I only call those who are qualified. I instead continually work to qualify the called, but I have amazing patience for that process. Yes, I am actively at work in upgrading My Trump card's character even through the fire he is going through.

"Hang on, because a time of accelerated change is here."

"Do not find yourself having less patience than I do in your zeal for character and holiness. Human religious idealism has time and time again worked against Me as you choose to prioritize that which YOU see fit instead of what I am working on next. You must learn to stay out of judgment seats you don't belong in.

"I Am Neither Republican or Democrat"

"You do not yet know how to cooperate with what I do on planet earth because you are often out of sync both with who I am and with what My agenda is. However, even as I call you higher to a place of wisdom and trust - yet I still have patience for you as you struggle to recognize My present-day narrative. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am neither Conservative nor Liberal.

"Conservative-mindedness carries elements of anxiousness and fear that I do not carry. I am not on the defensive. I am not just trying to conserve principles and values. I am not wringing My hands at the sins of those who do not know Me. I do not have as My highest priority that society stop misbehaving. I am not angst-ridden in any way at all.

"I am more about liberating than about conserving. I am liberal in what I give out and My atmosphere is one that liberates. Where My Spirit is there is freedom. Even since the Garden of Eden, I have always trusted you with more freedoms than what you were then ready for. I am still the same God. I have always liberally given to society freedoms, provision, protection and opportunities that they do not deserve.

"I have been saddened but never surprised at humanity not properly stewarding that which I have given them. I am not ever shocked at what those do - who do not know Me. It is the expected behavior for those who do not know Me. Moreover, My priority when dealing with humanity is always with those who know Me - or think they know Me. I am not overly concerned when a broken society does not prioritize love. I do however call for those who are called by My name to operate from My priority of love and My priority of fearlessness.

"My heart is still strongest for the weak, for the poor, for the displaced, for the alien, for the prisoner, for the suffering. Many of you have created for yourself a God made in your image, but be assured of this - it is YOU who must conform to My image. If you have forgotten My image go back and study who Jesus revealed Me to be.

"I made the United States to be a melting pot for the nations. I made the nation to be a Promised Land of sorts for many nations. Yes, some basic safety procedures and processes need to be implemented, but I did not choose Trump because this was a priority of Mine. Yes, some protection of American values of freedom and tolerance need to be watched over but even this has not been My priority with My choosing of Donald Trump. He is in fact called to bring greater security to America, but much of that will happen through different means than presently being pursued.

"I Chose Trump For Purposes You Must Yet Be Patient to Watch For"

"I have chosen to play My Trump card as an interrupter of darkness and as a lead domino for national reformation - that will lead to reformation among the nations. The status quo of government had become entrenched on dark strongholds and I have played My Trump card as a disrupter of those strongholds. I have released Myriads of the hosts of Heaven to assist with that assignment.

"I chose Trump for purposes you must yet be patient to watch for. The hordes of Hell in media have rallied in mass under Leviathan but I will crush them under the forces that I have released under My trusted archangel Gabriel. He will be instrumental in devastating media outlets that do not position themselves as lovers of truth and goodness. There will be in-house fires that will not be able to be put out in some major media outlets. There will be the hanging by the very noose they have created for others.

"Do not be deceived by the look of power that the enemy in media presently seems to carry. Much of it will presently look very different. I have already beheaded the enemy in many places and much of the backlash you hear or see is the backlash, as it were, of a chicken with its head cut off. Its strongest kick is post-mortem - but it has already been dealt with. My Trump card is something I will continue to play, but it is a card I have already played as well. Much of the enemy's powerful-seeming backlash is the backlash of that which is beheaded.

"I Have Chosen Trump to Repair Your National Economy"

"Be not moved and shaken by the present shakings, rumblings and reactions coming out of DC"

"I have chosen Trump and his unique skill-set to repair your national economy and to by extension, repair the economy of the nations. It is not a smooth uncomplicated process but it is a process I will help him with. It is the enemy who has been trying to destroy your economy and the nations' economies. He has been attempting that and even surreptitiously setting up for that in order to stop the massive harvest already coming in; and in aborting the age of reformation and era of renaissance that you are presently engaged in.

"I am saving you from much deeper conspiracies and from much darker futures than most of you can even begin to comprehend. Even you conspiracy followers only see the human elements involved and they are ever there from generation to generation with changing faces. Almost none of you have seen the dark hands behind the scene. It is why you must trust Me at this time though you are not used to trusting Me. You have created belief systems that limit My scope and scale of intervention on this planet and you are wrong in your assumptions of My Sovereignty being limited.

"I am still Ruler of the nations and as Jesus confirmed to you: ALL power in Heaven AND EARTH is Mine and Ours. The little authority on your tiny earth that I surrendered through the fall of Adam, I fully regained through what Jesus did on the Cross. Yes, I require your co-laboring with Me on all matters of planetary change, not because I need your enabling power, but because I desire partnership and collaboration with My sons and daughters. Don't confuse My love for family partnership as a need for whatever power you can provide Me. Surely, you see the foolishness of the idea that I, the Creator of the Universe, would need YOUR power to eradicate darkness.

"I, with one pronouncement and in one moment, could eliminate all evil from the planet. This is within My immediate capabilities. However, I am not just fighting evil, but I am raising sons and I am maturing a Bride. My great joy will be to have sons and daughters in My image to such an extent that their advanced levels of love will release My glory and crush the evil one.

"I am committed to using YOU not because I need your power but because I desire your cooperation in making My story sufficiently majestic. There is no greater joy I could have and no greater glory I could receive, than to have those made in My image arise and shine with who I really am in every area of society. Because of My great patience and because of My ultimate trust in My image in you - this will happen.

"You can expedite matters on earth's time clock by cooperating with Me, but as surely as I live, the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God that will be seen on My kids. I am not doing this without you, but MY choice. My present intervention in your government, your media, and your economy is all part of the process of enabling you to be positioned for maximum reflecting of My brilliance among the nations. I am fully Sovereign, but I am also fully committed to your partnership in the process."

"For I will At This Time Overhaul the World and Overhaul Your World"

"Hang on, because a time of accelerated change is here. For I will at this time overhaul the world and overhaul your world. You must not overrate your thoughts, your judgments, your theology, your eschatology. Most of these have put Me in boxes that I do not reside in. This is a time where literally ALL IS POSSIBLE for those who look to Me. Therefore, you must remove the veils through which you see Me. Position yourself to be in learning mode from Me. Thinking you know something is literally your greatest hindrance at this time.

"I only can fill empty vessels. Find a way to empty yourselves. Humility is a huge key. Gratitude is a huge key. These keys will help you access the great golden keys of faith, hope and love. I call on you to stop carrying anxiety, stop the finger pointing, stop the angst, stop proclaiming end of days scenarios. Stop any and everything that takes you out of being a carrier of good news. You are ministers of the Gospel and that word still means 'good news'. Your best days are here if you are committed to faith, hope and love.

"I am using My Trump card for certain matters but you must rise up and make even the much greater Kingdom difference." 

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth

Email: Contact@JohnnyandElizabeth.com
Website: www.JohnnyandElizabeth.com

Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain ProphecyThe Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society - until the real God of all of life is displayed in the seven primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

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