Next 100 Days - Drain the Swamp! Secure the Harvest! - John & Jolene Hamill   05.11.17

"The Next 100 Days - Drain the Swamp and Secure the Harvest!"

Jon and Jolene Hamill

The second 100 days of President Trump's administration has just begun. Interestingly, I've just been informed it also marked the 228th anniversary of George Washington's first inaugural address. From what I'm sharing today is actually like an inaugural address.

Recently in a dream, the Lord commissioned Jolene and me to cover in prayer the second 100 days of the Trump administration. His counsel is that these next 100 days are at least equally as important as the first! Opportunities and decisions during this time may actually impact our nation for the next 40 years. Though I feel a strong unction prophetically on this, current events are clearly bearing witness as well.

"Watchman, what do YOU see?"

We must keep watch. In this season between Passover and Pentecost especially, we must receive Heaven's scrolls to frame our future.

Dream-Washington DC and Armageddon

On Wednesday April 12, the second day of Passover, I dreamt I was on a high hill overlooking the Promised Land. I saw both our view of Washington DC and a view of Israel's Jezreel Valley from Tel Megiddo. Yes, in the dream Washington DC was superimposed on Armageddon. From this vantage, the Lord called us to the 100-day watch.

Honestly that's kind of unsettling. But though a clear warning was conveyed in the dream, the Spirit's primary emphasis was actually good news. It is time to secure the harvest. God is calling us all to begin taking His Promised Land.

Before we go there, let's focus more specifically on the view in the dream. From our prayer perch, Jolene and I actually overlooked the seats of authority for all three branches of our government-the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court. We also saw a portion of the Pentagon. It's awesome that our weekly prayer calls and declarations are resounding to the highest seats of power. No King, but Jesus!


It was this view of Washington DC that a view of Jezreel was superimposed on. Jezreel is the site of countless wars-from the days of Abraham to Gideon, Solomon and beyond. Jezebel was cast down from her tower there. Hosea's Bride was restored there. As a child, Jesus grew up overlooking this valley, and learned to pray there. Revelation bears witness that Har Megiddo or Armageddon will be the site of a cataclysmic battle between good and evil, marking the end of days. That said, war was not the primary emphasis of the Spirit in this dream. It was harvest!

Note that for the first time in centuries, the previously uninhabited land known as the Jezreel Valley, now produces a vast amount of the produce for Israel. Jezreel has become Israel's breadbasket-just as the Biblical prophets foresaw. (More on this in a moment.)

Call to Take the Promised Land

In the dream, a group of us were strategizing on the next steps to take the Promised Land. The view from the hilltop was so expansive-like we could see from one end to the other. I knew the "land" we were overlooking represented promises from God to us personally as well as to nations-harvest, blessing, promotion, increase. We saw personally the ground we are called to take for ourselves (in our Crown & Throne tour movement), including the restoration of His glory across the land.

Here's a personal question: What specific promises is the Lord making alive for you in this season? Great opportunities and anointing are just ahead for you. Shift your mindset. Take time now to receive God's direction, and then let's take the land!

Biblical Timeline


Through the dream, God was aligning today's move of the Spirit with the movement of His people after Passover-exodus-even regarding timing. Here's the progression: Fifty days after Passover, Moses received a "scroll from Heaven" with the 10 Commandments, God's covenant with His people. Shavuot or Pentecost celebrates this gift.

About 100 days after their first Passover, the window opened for the children of Israel to take the Promised Land. Unfortunately they saw giants and refused, thus derailing their entire movement for 40 years. The solemn date "Tisha b'Av," or the 9th of Av, marks the exact date of their disobedience. On that date precisely, future generations would witness the destruction of the first temple, the second temple, pogroms, expulsions from nations and other tragedies. It is known as the "saddest date on the Jewish calendar."

Tisha b'Av was supposed to become a power-filled "time gate" for God's people to possess the land. But when they failed to move through this gate into a season of war, it negatively affected future generations for thousands of years. God wants to fully reverse this curse. I sense a similar "time gate" is opening this fall, and it has the potential to affect us positively or negatively for the next 40 years. We must respond to His direction. Perhaps this is why the Lord is calling us all to "forerunning prayer" right now!

Our 40 Years Have Come to an End!

After 40 years, this "time gate" opened again for God's covenant people. During Passover, the Jordan River parted and they possessed the land. You might note a "coincidence" here. This progression is exactly parallel to our journey right now. I believe a 40-year season of discipline has now come to an end. As of Purim 2017, "Ichabod" has been erased from our land by verdict from the Lord. This is so important-the glory of the Lord is now leading us as a movement. God's angelic armies are going before us to prepare the way. Heaven and earth are now resourcing us all to take the land. You must understand that this is what this dream is conveying.

What Do YOU See?

In the dream, I could see opportunities and obstacles both near and far. In other prophetic experiences, my vision was limited to what I was shown. But in this dream, it was as though my vision was only limited by what I chose to focus on.

I looked, I saw.

The Lord is giving many of you fresh vision in this season of training. Some of what you receive will be by God's sovereign choice. But some of what you see will actually be determined by what you choose to focus on.

Watchman, what do YOU see?

Interestingly, I saw a depiction of Jezebel in my dream as our primary obstacle, resting in the exact geographic center of the field. Here's a clear warning to us all: the primary risk to the advancement of God's movement in the earth is still covenant-breaking and idolatry. We must pray even for our government leaders in this. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!

I discussed the dream with our friend Barbie Breathitt last week. Immediately Barbie declared, "Jezebel is at the point of the cross, and the crosshairs in our sights!" She felt that how we deal with this occult structure, tied to nations, will determine whether we enter into harvest during these 100 days, or even an Armageddon scenario. We must honor covenant! Keep in mind again that Jezebel was thrust from her tower in Jezreel. Let's take this ground. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

100 Days-What to Expect?

As we keep vigil for our nation these 100 days, let's receive Heaven's scrolls of real-time revelation. Pray for wisdom for the Trump Administration and especially the National Security Council. I believe the Lord desires to release Throne Room strategies that catalyze freedom while minimizing the bloodshed of war.

"What specific promises is the Lord making alive for you in this season?"

I will also say that the covenant right of Israel to possess their land, God will be called into question these next 100 days. Let's hold to the promise held out to us from Amos 9. This promise not only prophesies the prayer movement we are all in, but also the restoration of the Jewish people from captivity. Their vineyards will be restored. They will be planted in their land, "AND THEY WILL NOT BE ROOTED OUT from their land which I have given them," says the Lord your God (Amos 9:15).


Okay, all this (above) to get to here. Let's revisit Tel Megiddo for a moment. We were privileged to experience the view from the summit during our recent Crown & Throne Tour. We climbed ancient stones which bore witness to the conflicts and glory that birthed the western world. These stones again will witness a "conflict of thrones" by which this entire age will culminate. If you know our other leaders (with us) James Nesbit, Ed Watts and Jamie Fitt, they were determined that these same rocks be loaded with Heaven's sound for the hour-resounding Heaven's scrolls!

As we prepared to worship, our tour guide Eran gave us a history lesson. Note that "Eran" literally means "watchful, vigilant." So on Har Megiddo, "watchful and vigilant" informed us that the Jezreel Valley was primarily swampland when the Jewish settlers returned to Israel for its rebirth. Swampland! For endless centuries it was uninhabited because mosquitoes bearing malaria kept anyone from cultivating the fields.

Jezreel means "God sows." The settlers knew their Bible. They knew the scrolls of their forefathers had prophesied the Jezreel Valley would one day become a premier region of harvest. Hosea 2 even declares that not only will corn, wine and oil respond to Jezreel, but Heaven and earth will as well! So to take the land and possess it, one thing was necessary-they needed to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

When our guide uttered these words, our team drew a collective gasp. The shofar sounded. A new song began to be formed. From Armageddon to Jezreel to Washington DC, guided by "watchful, vigilant"-we all began to sing a holy declaration: "DRAIN THE SWAMP!"

Drain the Swamp, Unlock the Harvest!


Friends, you must understand this. Draining the swamp was the primary catalyst to unlocking the harvest God had promised. This process secured the harvest promised to Jezreel in His own Word, and it will for you as well. God has a plan to unlock the harvest of precious seeds-of Israel, America and the nations. Despite much opposition, these freedom seeds have been sown purposefully and relentlessly over many generations. You've sown many of them yourself!

God is showing us DC and the nation as our primary Jezreel, and completing His intended turnaround requires that we continue to drain the swamp. The mosquitoes that drain the nation of its lifeblood that spread the sickness and disease of iniquity, idolatry, compromise and corruption, simply need to go. Of course this is already happening. But now is not the time to stop. You must see that this is how we take the ground. Drain the swamp!

Remember that Jezreel means "God sows." Unless a seed falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone. But if it dies, it will produce a great, global harvest. Jesus is our ultimate Seed, and the harvest of the nations is our ultimate Jezreel.

Let's again resound the resolve thundered by the Moravians-that the slain Lamb, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, receive the full reward of His suffering here and in the nations of the earth!

And friends, that's our inaugural address. Jon & Jolene Hamill
Lamplighter Ministries

Jon and Jolene Hamill are passionate followers of Jesus Christ. They love to share His heart and Word nationally and internationally through ministry and media. Founders of Lamplighter Ministries, they reside in the metro Washington DC area. Jon and Jolene have ministered in conferences and churches throughout America, as well as internationally in Canada, Germany, Sierra Leone and Israel. Jon and Jolene are the authors of the recently published book Crown and Throne: A Field Guide to Spiritual Revolution, which has gained widespread popularity across the nation. Their online blog LAMPostings is focused on sharing real-time prophetic revelation and prayer points from Washington DC, and is regularly enjoyed by thousands. In addition, they have authored numerous prophetic teachings which have appeared on the Elijah List, in Charisma Magazine and other publications.

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