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Christian leaders urge prayer to protect president against 'demonic realm'

It's not just a political battle anymore. It's spiritual warfare now.

Exorcists, witches and occultists "in a number of magical groups" are announcing plans for a ritual designed to "bind Donald Trump and all who abet him."

It's to happen Friday at midnight at a variety of locations across the nation, and again every month until Donald Trump is no longer in office.

The rite, requiring a stub of a candle, a pin, salt, matches, a tarot card, a feather and other odds and ends, calls on spirits to ensure President Trump will "fail utterly." It also includes burning a picture of the commander in chief, visualizing him "blowing apart into dust or ash."

Participants apparently have the option of using a baby carrot instead of an orange candle.

Among the various spirits invoked are the "demons of the infernal realms."

There is even a Facebook page networking those who want to participate in the ritual. Some media outlets are also looking to film whatever happens.

It's not the first time anti-Trump occultists have tried to use black magic against the president.

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The far-left feminist blog Jezebel, named after the biblical queen who mandated the worship of Baal and Asherah instead of God, published a gushing story in September 2015 about "Brooklyn Witches" of immigrant descent cursing Trump because they "wholeheartedly believe that Trump and the rest of the GOP are garbage."

Trump evidently overcame the curse, along with everything else in his way, to win the presidency a year later.

Still, Christian leaders believe these kinds of spiritual threats should be taken seriously, condemned and countered.

Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries said the left's open embrace of demonic imagery is revealing.

"It shows that the level of hatred against Donald Trump is generated by Satan himself," she said. "Donald Trump is not a perfect man. But he is trying to stop the runaway freight train of evil that has existed for eight years emanating out of Washington and the Democratic Party.

"The left is mesmerized by issues that tear down and that grieve the heart of God. Donald Trump doesn't have the power to neutralize these people and their agenda, but he is trying to make significant inroads to stop the tremendous slide to the dark side in America. He has some solid Bible-believing Christians at his side. Together they can make a huge difference and repair some of the damage done by evildoers."

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Markell, featured in the WND Film "Trapped in Hitler's Hell," argues occultism is being normalized in an increasingly degenerate nation.

"The Bible says that in the last days evil will wax worse and worse," she said. "A part of that is that the paranormal is being normalized.

"I have done two-dozen radio programs on this topic as it is so alarming. Children as young as 4 and 5 are being desensitized to the occult. After-school 'Satan clubs' have been launched in public schools to offset the good that the 'Good News Clubs' have been doing for decades. If parents don't wake up and rise up, we are going to have a society steeped in occult practices in a few years, much worse than the situation is today."

Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries, author of "God's Day Timer," cited Deuteronomy 18:10-12 to argue those who use occult practices are an "abomination" in God's sight, according to the Scriptures. He agreed with Markell that such practices are becoming increasingly common.

"We are living at the time of the coming of the Messiah," he warned. "The world will be getting worse until Messiah's return. We are to always pray for those who are our leaders. Not only should Christians pray, but they should get actively involved."

Some Christians are doing just that. One group announced a "Day of Prayer" to counter the occult effort.

Pastors such as Carl Gallups, author of "When the Lion Roars," urge Christians to join the effort.

"America's born again believers should cover President Trump in prayer," Gallups said. "It's obvious that the demonic realm is stirred by his presence. It's also obvious that the antichrist agenda of the globalist community is going berserk over a Trump presidency. These are simply signs to those of us who know God's word that President Trump is being used by the Lord in these prophetic times. Pray for him. Pray for our nation. And, then, get on with the work of the Kingdom."

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Gallups recalled he was once the target of spiritual warfare by a group of supposed witches. And he argued faith in Jesus Christ is an effective counter to any form of spiritual attack.

"I have been a senior pastor of a church in one location for 30 years," he said. "Very early on in my ministry there, I too became the directed target of witchcraft through an organized witch coven. We even had a couple from the coven who were sent/paid to disrupt one of our worship services. All kinds of promises of 'evil' were made that would befall me. I gave no credence to it whatsoever. They went to jail, and I went on with my life and my work for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, simply claiming the promise of God's protection along the way.

"Twenty-five years later I am still at that church, the church is powerful in the Lord and reaching the world for Jesus, and the Lord continues to bless my life and ministry beyond anything I ever imagined," he said.

"I am certain that the demonic activities against me and my ministry have never let up; it's just that I purposely pay them no mind. My trust is in Jesus; I have no fear of magic 'spells' and the silly incantations of Christ deniers who are burning candles and looking for signs in a deck of cards."

Karl Payne, the former chaplain of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks and an expert in exorcism who penned "Spiritual Warfare" as a guide for Christians dealing with unseen forces, denounced those behind the spiritual attack on Trump as "so ideologically driven, they do not see straight."

But he also warned occult forces are being increasingly normalized in popular culture through an anti-Christian media.

"It is not possible to watch major television stations, cable stations or movies without being inundated with shows and movies on the paranormal," he said. "To think that the constant exposure to these types of shows will not have an impact on those watching them is as na´ve as it is to believe people can watch and play hours of video games glorifying murder and mayhem and it not make an indelible impact on their minds.

"Garbage in, garbage out. In the computer world, this used to be voiced as a truism. Now walking and talking with the dead, casting spells, witches, warlocks, zombies, blood, guts and horror are promoted as innocent entertainment and people's minds and lives are being destroyed as a result in some cases.

"Those denying this are typically those with private agendas hoping to see occultism normalized, and those who profit financially from it with no care or concern for the destructive collateral damage incurred as a result."

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Payne said that "too many Christians and churches are more concerned about making friends and straddling an ever eroding moral, ethical and cultural divide in hopes of appearing politically correct rather than being biblically correct."

He urged Christians to pray for President Trump, but he also said Christians are commanded to pray for everyone in authority over them, even those who are hostile to the Christian faith.

"Christians should not 'begin' praying for President Trump; they should already have been praying for him and his administration, just like they should have been doing for Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama when they were president, whether they were one's first choice, second choice or no choice," he said.

However, Payne also said this is a critical time of choosing for American Christians, too many of whom, he claimed, are not standing up for their faith.

"It is time for Christians to view themselves as victors in Christ because of His selfless sacrifice on the cross, rather than apologize for their faith, hiding in fear and volunteering to ride in the back of the bus in hopes of not offending someone or being dragged into the scrum," he said.

"I personally prefer truth to pretense and posturing, and I refuse to apologize for the One who loved me enough to die for me. Occultists, witches and political hacks should remember the One who lives in Christians is greater than the ones who oppose Christians, natural or supernatural.

"Maybe it is time for Christians to be motivated by courage and faith rather than compromise and fear," he continued. "Maybe it is time for Christians to step out of the closet too; seems everyone else already has. Christians in this country supposedly represent a 50 million strong voting bloc. Maybe it is time they began to think like a guard dog rather than a posturing, prancing poodle. Jesus did not hide, the apostles did not hide, the early church did not hide, so why should we hide?

"Maybe Christians should view blending into culture rather than shining through it as the compromise that it really represents rather than an art form to be perfected. Jesus was perfect, and the Romans and Jewish leadership still teamed up to crucify Him. Why should we think that if we make friends with everyone, and try not to offend anyone, we will be treated any better than Jesus in this country or around the world?"

As spiritual warfare moves into the headlines, Markell argues it is time for believers to wake up to what is truly at stake.

"Christians need to get educated about the paranormal and just what the agenda is," she told WND. "It is all evil. The topic may be dark and unpleasant, but learning that loved ones have been snared by the occult is worse. The occult is bold today and growing bolder each day."

However, Markell also said Christians should remember victory in spiritual warfare is assured if they take up the battle.

"Christians can also unite in individual or corporate prayer on behalf of President Trump, Vice President Pence and all in this new administration," she said. "We need to push back against the darkness that has consumed Washington, D.C., in recent years.

"The secular world knows nothing of spiritual warfare. This should get Christians galvanized to restore decency and righteousness in America's highest leaders."

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