Prophetic Ministry Meets World-Class Journalism

Prophetic Ministry Meets

    World-Class Journalism to

    Prepare America for 2016 Election

Watch Now! Chuck Pierce prophesies last night on October 20th, at Oasis Church in Middletown, OH, at Dutch Sheets Appeal to Heaven Conference! Click here to watch 

From Dutch Sheets, ministry leader:

. . . I would suggest to you that voting against a candidate is a good reason to vote! "Neutrality" is not a valid option at this critical crossroads in history. The times demand that we make a stand! If not for, make your stand against:

  • Vote against the foolish, selfish, shortsighted, establishment Republicans fighting to maintain their power.
  • Vote against an immoral, ungodly Democratic Party. (To those who take issue with this characterization, don't forget that they booed God at their convention in 2012.)[4]
  • Vote against an unelected, unaccountable, overreaching, out of control Judiciary that believes it has the right to reshape America.
  • Vote against the unethical, biased, lying and untrustworthy media. (We will never reclaim America until we reject their influence. They may be the single greatest obstacle to America's recovery.)
  • Vote against a weakened military.
  • Vote against a loss of national sovereignty and a one-world government.
  • Vote against open borders.
  • Vote against policies that enable radical Islamist terrorism.
  • Vote against the removing of our 2nd Amendment rights.
  • Vote against higher taxes.
  • Vote against Obamacare.
  • Vote against the redefining of marriage. (It is not too late to reverse this.)
  • Vote against abortion-on-demand, partial-birth abortion, and Planned Parenthood with its selling of babies' body parts.
  • Vote against liberalism and progressivism.
  • Vote against the silencing of the church. (Only the totally na´ve do not see this coming quickly.)
  • Vote against revising our history and the loss of our Judeo-Christian heritage.
  • Vote against the politicization and exploitation of racism, and the polarizing of America.
  • Vote against the slandering and weakening of law-enforcement.
  • Vote against the politicization of the Justice Department, the FBI and other important departments of government. (Both departments are now undeniably and shamelessly used for political purposes and to oppose Christians and conservatives.)

Please preserve the links here for yourself and your family. They contain timely information - the historical revelations America needs at this critical time.

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