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Another Front in the War On Terror

by Raylyn Terrell

Proposal for Musical Component in War on Terror

During WWII my father, Richard C. Lindsay, served on both Eisenhower's and MacArthur's staffs. After the war he talked with Col. George S. Howard, founder and director of the USAF Band and other decision makers and a remarkable idea was born. As a result, the USAF Band made diplomatic history when they toured Europe and Asia as ambassadors of peace and good will. 

My husband, Serge de Gastyne (deceased in 1992) joined the Band in 1956 as staff composer/arranger and remained eighteen years until his retirement.

Earlier, in 1953 for the 50th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight, Serge and I wrote a two-act musical panorama depicting the history of man's yearning to fly, called "Conquest of the Air". It was performed at Sampson Air Force Base, NY. (An audio tape of the performance was given to Cdr. Paul Garber, Director, Smithsonian Air Museum.)

My father's last command before retirement was of NATO Air Forces, Southern Europe, based in Naples, Italy.

Going back to ancient times, the Holy Bible contains examples of miraculous interventions by God on behalf of His Covenant People against aggressors when they obeyed His specific direction to praise and worship Him with music. (Please see 2nd Chronicles, 20th chapter.) God has not changed.

Is it possible that when God's biblical conditions are met by today's believers, God will intervene?  That He will send an angelic army to fight for us as we praise Him? We are rejoicing, for we have heard it in the spirit!

A Collection of Original Music

1) Over the years I have been given many inspired songs. In 1969 my radio program, 'For God and Country', featured this music. Most have been recorded on demo tapes, and several were recorded in professional studios. Thus far about twenty songs have been translated into Spanish, and five of these were recorded. We plan to transfer this music into digital format for use as CDs.

2) Because of marriage to a classical musician who was a staff composer/arranger with the USAF Band and Symphony, I have access (within legal limits) to the music Serge de Gastyne composed while in the Air Force. Our six children and I are joint heirs of his estate, including his original works. In this collection there are songs in the Russian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and English languages.

3) My husband Jim Terrell (dec.) created unique songs and texts which he did not himself copyright. Our friend who co-wrote some of these has given me permission to copyright them for ministry use.

4) There are other inspired song-writers I've known over the years whose work I plan to publish and record as well.


We are prepared to offer the use of this body of original music in the

War on Terror. We believe that used properly, the gift of music can be used again to defeat evil as it did in ancient times. We believe it can work toward healing deep spiritual wounds in the Middle East, and yet existing in Europe and North Africa since WWII.

Please seriously consider this proposal so that we can work together to see the miracles which will result.

Thank you!

Raylyn Terrell, founder

Lindsay House Publishing

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