Ted Cruz at Republican Convention, July 20-21, 2016

Ted Cruz at the Republican Convention

Cleveland, Ohio, July 20-21, 2016

Did the senator call for repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation?

No, he did not use those words.

He did however clearly state his position to the Texas delegation as they met the next morning for Q&A. The FOX NEWS cameras and microphones were there, so the rest of the world could see and hear the event as well.

The road to the Republican nomination had been long. Trump's efforts had been strongly contested by 15 other candidates. 

For Donald Trump, the long campaign was rewarded by his nomination as the 2016 presidential candidate of the Republican Party of the United States of America.

At times during the campaign, verbal exchanges were not only sharp, but personal and sometimes cruel. Ted Cruz, his wife, Heidi, and his father, Rafael had felt the lash of the Trump tongue. Untruths were rashly spoken. One might even be reminded of a 13-year-old bully on the school playground, forcing his will upon a smaller boy of ten.

But Trump and Cruz were not children . . . and the senator knew that their words and their actions were being held to a standard far higher than what might happen on a playground.

So on Wednesday night at the convention, he spoke Truth in love. 

He congratulated Trump on his nomination, but he did not reverse his own decision. He did not endorse Trump for the office of President of the United States.

While the delegates and family members listened, Cruz encouraged the delegates, and all Americans to 'vote your conscience' - to vote for freedom - to vote to uphold the United States Constitution.

But he did not endorse Donald Trump as the presidential candidate of the Republican Party.


Ted Cruz and his family members had been wronged. Campaign rhetoric had become heated to the point that Trump took the role of the playground bully in verbally attacking the Cruz Family members.

One candidate had angrily lied about the other candidate, and two of his beloved family members. In doing so, he had dishonored them before the world.

Neither Trump nor his campaign staff members ever attempted to apologize to the Cruz Family, and to set matters right.

For Ted Cruz it was a matter of more than ethics, it was a matter of honor. . . a matter of truth . . . and at the root, a matter of obedience and accountability to God. Had Cruz been the only victim in the matter, we believe he might have left the attack in God's hands, and personally stepped back. 

But there had been a lying attack on the honor of Heidi Cruz, the senator's wife - a lying attack on the honor of Rafael Cruz, the senator's father. 

For this family their very name signifies the holiness of one dreadful Roman cross. Their Lord and Savior had suffered and died on that cross. The power of Yeshua's blood had enabled the forgiveness of their sins. Every day of their lives is lived in the awesome shadow of that Cross, and each day begins with thanksgiving, and seeking their Heavenly Father's will and His wisdom. It is a faith they live 24/7/365.

Lindsay House Publishing

editorial comment:

We believe the above analysis to be true, and therefore recommend it to our readers.

We are impressed by the history of integrity in the Cruz Family.

We are also impressed by the history of integrity of the

vice presidential nominee, Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, and former three-term congressman.

In both Ted Cruz and Mike Pence, we see the true greatness of the American character, enabled by Christian faith and lifestyle.

Their love of family, their constitutional stance, their love for America and its ideals, can make them good presidents - perhaps great presidents.  

The people of the USA have the opportunity now to return the nation to the ideals of its Founders. Any alternative will mean the end of the American vision of 'life, liberty, and justice for all'. 

Where do you stand, my fellow American?

What choice will YOU make?

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