Is This Last July 4th for America As We Know It? - Lance Wallnau


If you're like me, you sense it. Americans have been alive at different times when our very existence was threatened-the Revolution, Civil War, WWII and today. America is an experiment in self-government. By comparison to other countries we are relatively young. Too young to die. Lincoln conveyed the principle that America is too strong and geographically isolated to be destroyed from the outside. If we go down, it will be by national suicide.

What is happening to nations in general right now? What is happening to the United States? It's shocking really. Two incompatible forces are colliding. One is a globalist move and the other, a move to restore the sovereignty of borders and identity of nations. This was expressed in the vote in England where corporate, financial, and political elites were rejected and an anti-establishment, nationalist, populist wave began to find its voice. The same is surging across the USA. Why? Maybe because God is preserving nations-preserving them from a premature assimilation into a global system that will destroy freedom.

Let's look at that other force that has been creeping up on us over the last 10 years and strangling America. It came from socialist and anti-American professors who began producing a new harvest of youth into the workforce, blog sphere, media, and politics. Under their sinister tutelage a new and twisted narrative about America emerged. In this version America is bad and the cause of the world's problems. The ultimate end of this narrative is to pit class "have nots" against those that have, class against class (socialist v. free enterprise), race against race (Black and Hispanic against White), and gender against gender (LGBTQ against your sexual boundaries). It's a world without social boundaries and national borders.

The end game of this process is to transform your culture and redistribute your wealth. It happens as you turn all your grievances over to an almighty and supposedly benevolent government elite who will make everything fair. The problem with this is that politicians-as you know-are not saints. Humans are sinners by nature. The temptation of power is to grab more! As a rule, they are not honest brokers who seek the well-being of others.

The government is daily expanding power under the guise of solving problems. The forces of socialism are colliding with the instinct of freedom and in the Brexit, as in America, a wind of Awakening is beginning to blow.

Christians have an advantage in all this. We have a perspective that explains the problem in unambiguous terms. God designed the universe to operate with Himself as the One who rules. He designed man to walk with Him and gave man the authority to shape his environment. God first, man under God, and governments UNDER man. This was the unique-never before done-experiment of the Founding Fathers. It is the story of what made America unique in breaking from Europe and the world.

We did something never before seen-a real Republic where the people chose their rulers rather than royalty ruling their subjects. Under this experiment in self-government the United States flourished, but the condition always was that we would be a moral people capable of sustaining self-government. With the loss of Christianity in America we lost our conscience on morality and every man is now like Israel "doing what is right in their own eyes" (see Book of Judges). That's the chaos you feel.

I've been talking about "sheep nations" for a while. When Jesus returns there will be goat and sheep nations. This gives me hope! If we awaken to the moment and understand how to recover ground that has been lost, we can push back on the darkness. We need to understand how America was designed to function and how that system is being wrecked and reconfigured to turn a sheep nation into a goat nation-a system hostile to Christ and His people.

Like I said, there is a wave of hope and awakening sweeping across the body of Christ-but this is a fragmented movement. You are here at this time to be a Patriot engaged in the preservation of your Nation. And this is a crucial moment. Now more than ever we need those who are filled with LOVE, armed to push back like WARRIORS, and we need wisdom of end time STATESMEN to choose our battles and strategies shrewdly. To that end I have created a NEW PRODUCT.

"The Lover, the Warrior and the King" teaching will show you the three anointings that come together IN YOU to make you a force to be reckoned with in this battle for the soul of your nation.

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As One! 


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