Dutch Sheets - Election Prayer Points, 2016

"Prayer Alert From Dutch Sheets Regarding Upcoming Elections"
by Dutch Sheets, Dallas, TX


Regarding the upcoming elections, prayerfully agree with me that:

We vote for a person of decency and honor (integrity matters).

We vote for someone that cannot be bought or sold (crony capitalism is evil).

We don't jump from the frying pan of failed government to the fire of another chameleon who changes colors at will (the political spirit).

We remember that not everyone in Washington DC has been part of the problem-be wise and discerning (God has been sending some good men and women to DC).

We vote for humility (which God exalts), morality and righteousness (which exalts a nation).

We choose substance and specific ideas over shallow rhetoric, fame, showbiz events and exciting promises (does anyone remember '08?).

We vote for a strict constitutionalist (it was born through prayer and based on Scripture).

We remember that we are also voting for the next 2-3 Supreme Court Justices, who will undoubtedly shape our nation and lives for decades! (They could possibly do more good or bad for our nation than the next president.)

We vote for an uncompromising, consistent, radically pro-life person (we MUST have this).

By God's grace we end up with a born-again, praying, Bible-reading, moral, humble, honest and wise person in the White House.

Be very careful. Pray. Listen to your heart where Holy Spirit lives. I promise you- we're voting for the destiny of our nation.

Please feel free to share this with all your friends.

Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries
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Website: www.dutchsheets.org

Dutch Sheets is an internationally recognized author, teacher, and conference speaker. He travels extensively, empowering Believers for passionate prayer and societal transformation. Dutch has pastored, taught in several colleges and seminaries, and served on the board of directors of numerous organizations. Dutch's greatest passion is to see America experience a sweeping revival and return to its godly heritage. Dutch is a messenger of hope for America, encouraging Believers to contend for awakening in our day and reformation in our lifetime. Dutch has written over 20 books, many of which have been translated into over 30 languages. Dutch and his wife Ceci have been married for 35 years and now reside in the Dallas area. They treasure time spent with their two grown daughters, son-in-law, and grandchildren.

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