Alinsky and Today's Social Justice Scam - de Souza  12.06.15


Alinsky and today's social justice scam

Exclusive: Dinesh D'Souza on how Obama, Hillary fulfilled dream of their mentor

by Dinesh D'Souza

As a penniless student at the University of Chicago, Saul Alinsky hit upon a clever way to eat meals without having to pay for them. Alinsky - viewed by many progressives as the father of the social justice movement - described this technique in an interview given to Playboy magazine just before his death in 1972.

In those days customers in the university cafeteria system didn't pay the waitress; rather, they went up to the cashier and paid. Alinsky first went to the cashier and ordered a cup of coffee; at that time it cost a nickel. The cashier would write him a ticket listing that price. Then he would go to another cafeteria and order a full meal. The waitress would give him the check for the meal. Alinsky would then pocket the bill for his meal and submit his nickel ticket to the cashier. By switching checks, he was eating full meals and paying just for his cup of coffee.

This is the kind of scam one can see a clever, impoverished slum kid like Alinsky pulling off. What made Alinsky original is that he shared this knowledge with his fellow students and turned it into an organized scam. Alinsky put up signs on the university bulletin board and invited students to attend a presentation, complete with maps of the cafeteria system. Pretty soon he had a large horde of students signed up for his scam. "We got the system down to a science, and for six months all of us were eating free."

Asked by Playboy if he had any qualms about ripping off the university, Alinsky said, "Are you kidding? The right to eat takes precedence over the right to make a profit."

Saul Alinsky is viewed by progressives as a champion of social justice. He fought for unions, he fought for racial minorities, and he inspired the social justice crusades of Obama and Hillary. In fact he is the author of the "social justice scam" that is at the heart of the Obama presidency and the Hillary presidential campaign.

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