Agent for God's 'Fifth Column'




Agent for God's 'Fifth Column'


During WWII a phrase would crop up from time to time. It was 'Fifth Column', and it described a service to the American/Allied cause which today we call 'Special Ops' (Operations).


It seems that God has a very busy and effective force of kingdom agents as well. For example -


A lady picked up her phone one day and received a call from the temporary employment agency with which she was associated.


There was a request made through the agency for a qualified secretarial/clerical person to serve for six weeks in the office of a major Washington DC area university. Not just any office, but in the office of the president of the university.


This school had just acquired a new president, and he would need extra help in dealing with his new assignment .There would be many personal written messages to and from the new president during his first few weeks of tenure. The temporary worker would help to ease the president's way into his new position. 'Would you be interested in filling this position?' she was asked.


A quick prayer brought the quick answer - 'Accept it'.


Family responsibilities were quickly delegated, and the following Monday the lady made her way to the nearest metro station, and from there traveled to the metro stop closest to the university.


'This should be interesting! she said to herself, as she walked the short distance to the administration building on the campus.


Indeed! She was in the reception area waiting for her interview with the president's secretary, when a very upset and somewhat disheveled young man burst through the outer office door and demanded to see the president of the university.


Before any one else could intervene, the lady sent by the agency was on her feet and approached the young man.

'Hello', she said. 'May I help you? Here, let's go into the hall and you can tell me your problem.'



He told her about his complaint, and that a department head had refused to consider it. Going to the university president seemed to be his only hope. So here he was.


'No, I don't have an appointment' he said. 'But I just have to talk with him! I'm not being treated fairly!'



Responding, the lady said, 'I am sorry this has happened to you, I really am. But this must be handled in an orderly manner, and there are rules and regulations which must be followed. If you will go to the proper office for the making of your complaint and do it according to the proper rules, people  can help you to settle the problem. Alright? Here, let's go down the elevator, and I'll see you to the door. It was good to meet you and I trust your problem will be solved!'


Back in the president's office, the lady was called into an inner office for her interview, and thanked for her help in resolving a potentially difficult situation. The new president was expected in the door at any moment, and the staff did not relish the 'drama' that might have developed if the young man had remained in the office.


'So', the lady whispered to herself, the first assignment from my heavenly chain of command was one of diplomacy - how 'bout that! PTL'


The interview with the president's secretary went well, and she quietly revealed that she also was a bible believer.  Rapport was established, and the next six weeks were blessed.


The lady's subsequent meetings with the president went well and the time was productive and pleasant. On one of the last days of her contract at the university, the president asked her to gather some contact information from his personal rolodex.


As she stood looking upon this very large collection of names, addresses and notes, she realized that she was alone in that room, and had the opportunity of a lifetime! There was a large political factor in the man's presence at the head of this university, as he also had a Democratic Party presence as an organizer for donation campaigns.


This rolodex contained the contact information therefore for all of the man's political contacts, as well as his academic and personal contacts. So with a smile on her face, and the urging of Holy Spirit in her heart and mind, the lady put both hands on the rolodex and began to pray. 'Father, I plead the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus . . . ' Only God knew what prayers were actually made then, because He was the one who knew the language coming from the lady's mouth. The prayers were God's perfect will in that situation, because they by-passed the lady's conscious mind.


That day travelling home on the metro, the lady remembered the scripture where Jesus Christ had said . . .

'Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves'. Then she laughed, rejoicing in the love and wisdom of her divine Commander-in-Chief!


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