Confederate Flag Comes Down in So Carolina



[July 10, 2015]




     South Carolina removes the symbol

     of its rebellion against the Union



As covered by FOX News, the event was dignified. It was peaceful. It was honorable . . . and indeed, it was historic.


South Carolina Governor Nicki Haley had called for dignified simplicity - and so it was. With a large crowd attending, small flags waved, there was a chant and a chorus of from the crowd.


The South Carolina State Honor Guard came onto the field.

They marched to the flag pole and deployed around it. As the flag slowly came down the pole, cheers lifted above the crowd.


As Governor Haley smiled and received congratulations from colleagues, the crowd sang 'na na na na goodbye' to that old flag that reminded them of their history. The folded flag was then put into the hands of the curator of the museum where it would now be displayed.


Time moves on. Things change. Sometimes it takes a tragic event, or several tragic events to push a change past the tipping point. For South Carolina, it was the cold-blooded massacre by a demonically motivated young man. He had conceived and carried out an unspeakable plan, and nine Christians died as they sat around the table in a Bible study. The city of Charleston mourned. South Carolina mourned, and so did many caring souls across the nation.


On the wave of emotional reaction to the tragedy, the Confederate flag flying on the grounds of the state Capitol became a tragic symbol for many. Gradually the wave built until the vote was taken. The Governor signed the legal paper with nine pens - one for each of those who had died that night at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. Each of the nine families now has an historic pen.


The hospitality for which Charleston is famous, remains. However, shining even brighter is the forgiving love of the nine grieving families and other Believers. They have inspired us -- not just in the USA, but around the world.


Apostle Paul wrote, "Love never fails", and

"His strength is made perfect in weakness".


May God continue to richly bless all those who live, and love by the Name and sacrificial Blood of the Lamb of God -

Yeshua ha-Meshiach.


In South Carolina, they call Him . . .

our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST.





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