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After the terror attack in Paris on the staff of Charlie Hebdo by the

two Kouachi brothers which she viewed on FOX News, she went into 'mother-mode'.


A quick email went to family living in Paris. (The massacre scene was only a five-minute walk from their apartment.) When this email was shortly answered, 'so far we're OK', we forwarded the message to family members in the USA. 


Several other emails were sent and quickly answered during the three days before the death of the terrorists by French law enforcement, and the rescue of the surviving hostages. (The woman of the terror group has been tracked passing from Turkey to Syria.)



Although the mother did not realize the extent of it, she was in a high-stress situation. Adrenaline had been pumping for so many hours that her endocrine system was w-a-a-a-a-ay out of balance! 


When she lay down for a nap on that first day, a strange dream surfaced, which eventually helped to illumine the whole situation.


         She remembered her own dear mother as a woman of     

         unusually kind and gentle character. Yet there she was in the     

         dream, angrily shouting at her children who were cringing     

         and trying to hide. Since they were in a moving automobile,       

         hiding was of course, impossible.



Trauma . . .


As human medical science has concluded, the legacy of unresolved, unhealed trauma continues to pass on in the life of the traumatized. Then in turn, it is passed on to that person's children.


Can this be a reason for the terrorists' - all terrorists' - determination to be avenged for their suffering? Or for the suffering of their parents or grandparents? Many in the present generation have been deceived into such thinking. They have believed their enemy who is 'the father of lies'. Each time in history that such murderous extremism has occurred, it was the fanatics in leadership (commanding their armies) urged on by the imams, the religious leaders. Or during the medieval Crusades, the kings and their knights, urged on by the popes and priests.


When they have taken their revenge, will they be satisfied and at peace in their hearts and minds? If they follow the same religious demands as the terrorists in Paris, and those now operating elsewhere in the world, will they then 'go to Paradise' once they have enacted their revenge?


No. That's not the truth! Again, hell has smiled at the carnage.


Forgiveness . . .


There is, however, an answer, a forever-answer - but it does not come through human effort. It is the healing that comes with forgiving, truly forgiving - letting go of the offense - and turning the whole matter over to our All-Knowing, All-Caring, All-Forgiving Heavenly Father.


'Forgive, and you shall be forgiven', said Our Savior. 

How simple, and how profoundly true! This writer is one of millions of witnesses throughout history. 


Only when we believe the Word of the Living God, and choose to forgive those who have wronged us and our loved ones, can our own sins be forgiven. Only then can we know Peace - 'the peace that passes all understanding' - the gift Our Father gives to His children.


I do not need to die for my sins. You do not need to die for your sins. Yeshua / Jesus has already done that, and has satisfied divine justice. Instead, Father God longs to show us His mercy when we humble ourselves and confess to Him that we are sinners for whom Yeshua / Jesus died.


Let us leave behind the confusion caused by religious systems and pagan unbelief. Then instead, let us come and join the Forever Family bonded to one another in the Love of God, together throughout eternity!






January 15, 2015  




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