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Exclusive: Alan Keyes names type of congressman he'd like to see replace speaker



Once a high-level Reagan-era diplomat, Alan Keyes is a long-time leader in the conservative movement. He is well-known as a staunch pro-life champion and an eloquent advocate of the constitutional republic, including respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. He has worked to promote an approach to politics based on the initiative of citizens of goodwill consonant with the principles of God-endowed natural right.



... the quislings are not incompetents; they are not cowards; they are purposeful traitors to the Constitution they are sworn to uphold, and the true small "r" republican constituency they exploit and still pretend to represent. ("Dare we call it treason?")

In the past week or so, despite all their rhetoric to the contrary, these quislings have agreed to full funding for Obama's dictatorial assault on the Constitution and integrity of the sovereign body of the American people. ... This is done precisely in order to impose results that advantage an elitist few at the expense of the people at large, results informed Americans would therefore reject. Do we require more striking proof that the so-called "two-party" system is now a vehicle for rubber-stamping dictatorial rule by an elitist few? When will Americans act in recognition of the fact, now painfully clear, that this corruptly phony partisan process must be urgently replaced? If it is not, government of, by and for the people will have suffered that fate instead. ("Replace the partisan sham or liberty dies")

Anyone who has followed my writing here and on my blog won't find it shocking that I strongly support Joseph Farah's "Dump Boehner" campaign. They also won't be surprised when I say that dumping the speaker could turn out to be like removing a large, cancerous mole from atop a patient's nose after the cancer has already metastasized to other vital organs. The best one can say is that the corpse will look better for burial.

John Boehner has not only failed to represent the small "r" republicans who are the backbone and heart of the GOP's base. He and the other GOP quislings are making it perfectly clear that they feel no obligation to represent them. They have discarded all respect for the goal of "due dependence" on the good will of the people, which America's founders saw as the sine qua non of just government.

Make no mistake, however. It's not only conservative republicans they betray, but all Americans who believe that government of, by and for the people must and should be preserved. From immigration to trade, from confessed lies about Obamacare to electoral fraud in Mississippi, from importing cheap labor in a time of hopeless unemployment to importing disease vectors in the face of rampant epidemics, forces are shaping U.S. government policies in fundamental ways that not only ignore, but seem intended to debilitate and harm the people of the United States. This includes, of course, purposely looting and bankrupting the American people, to fund a massive transfer of money power from America's middle class into the basically anti-American hands of an elitist faction clique.

Given this general assault against their constitutional self-government, Americans must realize that simply dumping one highly visible tool of the faction working to overturn their liberty could prove to be worse than useless. Achieving an apparent victory that actually leaves your enemy's control of strategic assets unimpaired may be the prelude to devastating counterattack and defeat. The most effective surprise attack is one that steals upon forces drunk and distracted by victory.

I read somewhere that John Boehner has already acquired a retirement home in Florida. Maybe his final obeisance to the anti-American forces he appears loyally to serve will be to "take one for the team" - playing the sacrificial scapegoat offered up to bear away the frustration of the GOP's utterly betrayed constituency, while avoiding any real harm to the elitist faction's agenda for the consolidation of oligarchic tyranny.

This isn't just idle musing, even if Matt Drudge's tweeted allusion to the possibility of blackmail turns out to be a vapor trail. It's meant to suggest the really important strategic concern for people who want to save and restore our constitutional republic. It won't be enough to "Dump Boehner." We must assure that he's replaced by someone committed to representing the sovereignty and goodwill of the Americans Boehner and the other GOP quislings continue to betray. The GOP majority in the House needs to be a strong shield, a sharp sword, wielded against the elitist faction enemies of America's liberty, whatever party label they wear.

In the legislative dance (one can hardly call it a battle) that preceded passage of the recent continuing resolution, the GOP's quisling leadership assumed the position one would expect from self-worshipers prone to acquiesce in the ongoing assault on the God-endowed rights of natural family and individual life. Given that perverse predilection, these quislings may be more than willing to sacrifice Boehner to appease and distract the tidal wave of angry resentment rising against their submissive funding of Obama's high crimes. If they work it right, such a sacrifice would likely leave them in control of the process of choosing Boehner's successor.

Unless some such agenda is at work, it will be hard to defeat something with nothing in a purely negative campaign to "Dump Boehner." What's needed is an identified candidate to replace him, someone who represents the upstarts who have been willing to brave the wrath of the quisling leadership to represent their constituents' common-sense commitment to saving and restoring America's constitutional government, and the respect for God-endowed right and decent freedom that has been the goal and standard of our way of life since the nation declared and fought for independence.

Given my criticisms of John Boehner I've often been asked who I would suggest to replace him. For what it's worth, my answer has been "Someone like Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert." He has taken stands that correspond to all the things the Republican Platform professes, with the kind of courage and persistence likely to be proof against the blandishments of power. Victory for someone like him would not just dump Boehner. It would dump on all the treacherous quisling leaders Boehner represents and send a message to the elitist faction forces they serve: "We will not go gently into the nightmare you plan for America. You're in for a fight."

Here it is! The most effective way to see John Boehner ousted as speaker. Participate in WND's "Dump Boehner" campaign now!






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