Rusts, Rots, Blights and Smuts - Clean-up Time






    the ROTS    


        the BLIGHTS


            the SMUTS


Our readers may ask,

"What on earth is THAT?!"


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One day recently we were choosing material for publishing on the Lindsay House Publishing site, and a long-ago memory surfaced.


The words - rusts, rots, blights and smuts - came to mind. Many years ago there was a certain day, and a special friend with whom it was shared. We were high school classmates, reading a homework assignment together. The context was from a science lesson about identifying and removing undesirable parts of plants to preserve the good, healthy ones.


That day, as we read the phrase aloud - rusts, rots, blights and smuts - we looked at one another and burst out laughing. Through our hilarity we repeated the words and the laughter increased. When finally able to continue the study, we knew we had shared something special. 


It is now 66 years later and we have both lived full lives. We have seen  the rusts, rots, blights and smuts, and removed them from our lives. 


Let us compare this personal memory with the events and outcomes of the November 4, 2014 election day. As the people of the USA (and of the world) now view the profound results of the 2014 election and its implications, let us affirm the following:


1. Racial bias did not rule

2. Gender bias did not rule

3. What was expressed was the will of the American people -

the 'We the People' part of the Constitution of the United States of America . . .

4. And what 'We the People' now do through our elected representatives will accomplish the legal process to reverse and to remove the treasonous horrors of many years. Perpetrators will be removed from office, and held accountable. The laws and regulations - the political and governmental treason (the 'rusts, rots, blights and smuts') will be nullified.

5. 'We the People' will continue to rejoice and stand strong upon our Constitutional rights, for which our Founders fought so bravely. We can yet be the 'city upon a hill' planned by Our Creator, and a light of hope to the peoples of the world.

6. Because 'where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is Liberty!'

With the help of heaven then, let us sing and declare,


'For God and Country I now give my life

For God and Country, 'mid a world full of strife

I'll sing for My Savior, and work in this dear land,

For God and Country I will now take my stand.

America, blessed America, 

Return, return to the God who made you great!'


(from Liberty-America by Raylyn Terrell)

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