Miracle at Arlington National Cemetery - Jim Uzzle




December 14, 2013


Arlington National Cemetery


There were approximately 35,000 people to place 165,000 wreathes on veterans' graves for 


   Wreaths Across America.   



As a retired Air Force officer and member of a local unit of the Civil Air Patrol, I've been part of this moving ceremony for the past five years, and it's a great honor for me to do so. 


Each year I take orders for wreaths from members of my community and church. 


"If you want a wreath put on a specific grave for a loved one, I will personally place it there and take a picture to email to you." 


This year I had twenty orders.  All were to be placed on graves except one which needed to go to the columbarium.


I'd never been to the columbarium before. The court is about the size of half a football field. Court 6? OK. 

But section U, column 13, niche 4 was another matter! I couldn't figure out the numbering system.


Two women were standing about thirty feet away. 

I approached them, and asked if they understood the system.

"Can you help me?"


They pointed out tiny brass plaques in the back of the sections.

"Ah, this is section U where I need to be" I said.


One lady asked which column and niche I was looking for.


I replied, "Column 13, niche 4". 


"Who are you?!" she exclaimed.


"I'm with the Civil Air Patrol, and someone has donated a wreath for Staff Sergeant Dix."


She began to cry and tears streamed down her face. Rushing over, she put her arms around me, giving me a big hug.

"Thank you!" she said, still weeping. "Sgt. Dix was my father.

I didn't think anyone else cared."


When the lady regained her composure, her friend took our picture holding the wreath in front of her father's niche.


She and I 'just happened to meet'. What are the odds? There were 35,000 people at Arlington that day. They were laying wreaths over acres of cemetery - for hours. We came to this same place at the same time.


  A coincidence?  


  No, I don't think so.  


  I believe the Father of Mercy 


  had everything to do with it!  





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