Savage: Media Hiding Illegal-Alien Disease Threat



[  07.03.14]




'I am not a racist. I am not an alarmist. I am an epidemiologist'


The establishment media's refusal to acknowledge that once-contained or eradicated diseases are re-entering the U.S. through the latest flood of illegal aliens isn't a surprise to Michael Savage, who earned a doctorate in epidemiology at the University of California at Berkeley before becoming a top nationally syndicated talk-radio host.



"What the liberal media is hiding from you can be dangerous for your safety, your security and your health," he told his listeners.

After earning his doctorate in 1978 and writing six books, Savage pitched to publishers a book titled "Immigrants and Epidemics," which he wrote with the dean of a "prestigious public health university."

"Although all my previous books had done well," Savage recalled, "all publishers in New York City in 1982 said we cannot publish a book on immigrants and epidemics, no matter how well (documented) or factually true it is. We can't publish it for political reasons."

The rejection angered him, he said, and was one of the reasons he eventually decided to go into talk radio, in 1994.

Since then, he said, "I've been trying to warn Americans about what unscreened immigrants will be bringing into America."

'You're not going to hear this'

As thousands of illegal-alien children, prompted by President Obama's policies, overwhelm the capacity of southern border states, Border Patrol agents who essentially have been turned into child caretakers are being exposed to disease, Savage said.

"Right now, you're not going to hear this, but we have Tuberculosis, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, Chagas disease - previously eradicated from Southern California - on the rise and testing positive in ... Border Patrol agents," Savage said.

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Other diseases emerging among Border Patrol agents, he said, include H1N1 Swine flu and chicken pox.

"The Border Patrol is being threatened with lawsuits and firing if they disclose this," he said. "Congressmen are being turned away from the border as they go to investigate this surge of infected illegal aliens being thrown across the border at us."

Speaking to his critics, Savage pointed to his academic qualifications.

"It's easy for you to say I'm simply an alarmist or a racist, I'm a this-ist or a that-ist," he said. "Well you've got it all wrong. The only "ist" I am is an epidemiologist. I am not a racist. I am not an alarmist. I am an epidemiologist by training."

'Next American revolution'

Savage called the border crisis an "invasion orchestrated in the White House for political reasons."

It reached a flashpoint Tuesday when protesters blocked buses from transporting illegal-alien children from Central America to Border Patrol facilities in Murrieta, California, south of Los Angeles.

Savage sees the Murrieta protest as a seminal moment in which the "real America" said no to the government.

"It's the beginning of the next American revolution," he said. "This is not a joke. Take a look at their faces: Women, men, children holding signs 'Stop illegal immigration.'"

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Savage criticized House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for justifying the violation of law by emphasizing that "every person has a spark of divinity in them."

"Sure, they have a spark of divinity," Savage responded, but, he asked, "What kind of mothers would do to humans what they wouldn't do to a dog?

"If you drop a dog off on the side of a street and run away, you're considered a bad person; you could be arrested," he said. "But the federal government has no problem with dropping children off on the side of a road?"

Savage asked if Americans really understand what will happen "when a soccer mom awakens one morning and her daughter's hair is crawling with lice?"

"Do you understand what's going to happen when she awakens one morning and her little darling comes home testing positive for Tuberculosis, because one of the divinely inspired children of Nancy Pelosi was permitted to enter that classroom with Tuberculosis?"

Failure to follow the Constitution

He rattled off a series of further questions:

  • "Do you know that your U.S. government officials can be arrested for refusing to protect Americans from the dangerous diseases that they are exposing us to?"
  • "Do you understand they are waging a war against conservative communities by bringing in whole populations of automatic Democrat voters, legal or illegal?"
  • "Do you understand that this is not ultra-tolerance for immigrants but a war against America?"


In his 2005 book "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder," Savage noted in a chapter called "Alien invasion" that Republican President Ronald Reagan signed legislation allowing amnesty, which, according to most experts, made the illegal-alien problem worse.

"If you think it's a problem that began with Obama, you're mistaken," Savage told his listeners Wednesday.

In his 2005 book, he noted that the U.S. Constitution requires the federal government to "protect each state against invasion."

Both Republicans and Democrats are responsible, Savage said.

"Thanks to their failure to follow the Constitution with the same fervor with which they slavishly follow poll numbers," he wrote, "our borders are more porous than your grandmother's sieve."




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