Who Is Our Real Enemy?



Obama's War On American Coal Reveals

Our Manchurian President


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"This isn't an election; this is a coup." - Ben Marco, as portrayed by Denzel Washington, in "The Manchurian Candidate"

President Barack Obama is with one hand kneecapping domestic coal production and with the other hand forming an alliance with Iran, America's most dangerous adversary in the Mideast and a country that covets nuclear weapons and Mideast domination. Yet Obama and Iran's Ayatollah are working together in partnership to stabilize the Shiite government of Iraq, which, if they are successful, will secure crude oil from that region and re-establish Tehran's dominance.

Presidents have been making deals with Mideast dictators for decades, so in itself there may be nothing wrong with Obama's actions. It seems so clearly wrong that as Obama orders military advisers back into Iraq and prepares airstrikes, his Administration is issuing proclamations against domestic coal producers, which harvest America's richest energy resource and provide tens of thousands of jobs that are desperately needed.

If one didn't know better, one might think this is all part of our President's plan to cripple U.S. energy independence, a plan to leave America in critical need of Mideast influence and crude.

King Coal Cut Down By Obama

Coal provides America with 70 percent of its electricity. You might think that coal would be valued by Obama because it provides so many well-paying jobs and that it would be the natural energy source for electricity to charge electric cars. (What never seems to compute to so many of the idiot Greens is that there has to be a basis for the charge for the electric car and that electricity, like everything else, isn't free.)

The United States is the Saudi Arabia of coal, with 1,000 years of coal reserves. Coal can generate the power for all things, even the grand ambition of Obama and the Greens for a million electric cars by the end of the decade. But electric cars need to be charged, and the only energy that is readily available is coal.

I recently watched Bill Maher earlier this month after the Obama Administration's Environmental Protection Agency announced what it calls the "Clean Power Program," as well as new regulations planned against coal generators. Maher's guest was EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

MAHER: "Last week [the EPA] announced, I think it was called the 'Clean Power Program.' Some people called it a war on coal. I hope it is a war on coal. Is it?"

McCARTHY: "Actually, EPA is all about fighting against pollution and fighting for public health. That's exactly what this is."

So, yes, Team Obama is going to war against American coal, while establishing militarily and diplomatic ties with Iran to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Coal power plants must bend to new rules by the EPA. There is a four-month comment period on the dictates that impact coal, coal jobs and coal States. Of course, the Greens have wasted no time weighing in, telling Obama that slamming dirty coal is something they support.

Not all Americans agree the Obama Administration has tried to tiptoe around the fact McCarthy declared a war on coal for her President. And an op-ed penned by Senators John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) and published byThe Wall Street Journal pointed out that not all Americans are ready to jump on board with regard to Obama's war on coal.

The "announcement [about the proposed power plant rules] is a dagger in the heart of the American middle class, and to representative Democracy itself," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce also weighed in on coal power plant restrictions, saying, "An avalanche of environmental regulations has made it increasingly difficult to build and develop in the United States."

An independent study by IHS Global concludes the new rules threaten to suppress average annual U.S. gross domestic product by $51 billion and lead to an average of 224,000 fewer U.S. jobs every year through 2030.

Other studies on coal restrictions have predicted that as many as half a million jobs will be lost. Include the tens of thousands of jobs that America will lose when Obama says no to the Keystone Pipeline, and America is looking at the loss of nearly 1 million high-paying jobs, all to prevent what is still a theory of man-made global warming.

America's Real Enemy

There should be the bigger question: Where is America going to get affordable energy if domestic coal faces restrictions and Alberta oil sands are blocked? The truth is America will be forced to meet its energy needs from the Persian Gulf, that bleak desert that spawned Islam and, likely, Obama's prophet, Muhammad.

Never mind that it is the worst region in the world to count on for anything other than tribal war and genocide. Remember, in the 1970s the Mideast instituted two oil embargos against the United States. The Mideast founded OPEC to bleed as much money from the West as possible for crude. And the Mideast is and has been for 50 years a breeding ground for terrorists that want desperately to kill Americans, Jews and each other.

Greens, pay attention: If global warming really does exist and if hydrocarbons are part of the reason why it exists, then Mideast crude is also at the heart of your fixation over carbon dioxide. When you get a barrel of oil stamped "Mideast Crude," it doesn't mean it burns clean.

Factor in all the carbon and other toxic pollutants created by America's intervention in this region; it is likely they are more harmful to the global environment than coal that is currently burned in North America. Let's not forget that for nearly a decade the U.S. used depleted uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan both in ammunition and armor. If the environmentalist's true goal is to protect human and animal life, here is a suggestion: Have your President stop using it in his arsenal.

According to Wikipedia, the chemical toxicity of depleted uranium is a million times greater than its radiological hazard. Other chemicals being used by America's military are not doing "Mother Earth" any good either.

Yet I expect nary a complaint about depleted uranium or any of the chemical weapons used as more Mideast wars are prosecuted to secure future "dirty" Arab oil. Nor will there be a mention of the lost lives of young Americans who died not to fight a clear and present danger to the United States but because their war is one fought for a Green President who is aiming to hamstring America's future while engineering a renaissance for Islam. So please tell me: Who is America's real enemy?

Yours in good times and bad,

-John Myers




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