Graduation, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia


from Dr. Ed Hindson, 

Dean, School of Religion,

Liberty University




New Grad, 

 School of Religion, Liberty University 



  May 10, 2014



In a phone call, I learned that my grandson's graduation from Liberty University's School of Religion was imminent.


A car was rented for the drive down to Lynchburg, Virginia for the event. The maternal grandparents would be there as well, and we would again hear the story of the impromptu prayer. We needed a parking place outside the restaurant, and the prayer's immediate answer began Grandfather Bob R's experience with God's reality more than a decade before.


After all the excitement of the day, we had a delicious dinner,

and the family members then drove safari-style  back to the family home that evening. Our meals and conversations all the while were fun, and helped alleviate the happy stress of all the activity and travel. 


The new graduate's love and devotion to God has long been a true encouragement to the family, and we were SO proud and happy for him. After a few days of RnR at home, he is scheduled to drive to Pennsylvania, where he has a summer internship as Youth Pastor. When the fall semester begins at Liberty University, he will return there to begin his Seminary work.


Reluctantly missing from the event was the eldest daughter of the family, who remained at Virginia Tech to study for, and begin to take the final exams for her freshman year. 



   Proud mother and sister                                                                                                                                          

The youngest daughter of the family

 continues her tradition of fine scholarship

and sporting excellence. Her Dad says

she's a joy to behold as goalie of her soccer team.



Elder brother 


A few days before the graduation, the eldest

completed his internship with the Heritage Fndn.

in Washington, D.C. where he did research

and writing on the Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Jerome Corsi of,

cited some of Joshua's writing in an article posted

on May 13, 2014, and published on the website on May 21.

See Jerome Corsi's article here: 



In May of 2012, the family had a wayside picnic

enroute to another graduation.



A salute to the beauty of the Blue Ridge,

and the faith and industry of its people.









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