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Our Need for an Awakening - The Great Commission, Part 19


Week 19, 2014

Rick Joyner


Today, there are basically four worldviews: The Christian worldview, Islamic worldview, secular worldview, and the Marxist worldview. Each of these in their pure form is in basic conflict with the others. If you understand these worldviews, you will have a basic understanding of virtually all of the conflicts in the world today.

A fundamental dichotomy between these worldviews is that in all, but Christianity, the people exist for the government. In Christianity, however, the government exists for the people. This has not always played out in application. As the Christian worldview is quickly losing ground in the West, governments are becoming more dominant over the rights of individuals. While this is now happening in the very nations that gave birth to the greatest individual liberties in history, the Christian worldview is growing stronger in Asian and some eastern European nations.

China, now the world's largest economy, has been moving slowly but resolutely toward increasing individual liberty, beginning with economic freedoms and now increasingly in areas of religious freedom and freedom of speech. It may be slow, but it is effective.

At the same time, Marxism is being combined by much of Islam, excluding atheism of course, but the practical economic and governmental principles of Marxism are being absorbed and applied. It is not true in every Islamic nation, but in those nations where the Muslim Brotherhood has greater influence.

Marxism has been creeping into the fabric of the nations of Western Europe and the Americas for nearly a century. Although it has come in fits and starts, it continues to make inroads. This has been accomplished with a systematic and effective strategy of infiltrating and dominating the central cultural power centers of education, media, entertainment, and the arts. From these, it is an easy jump to government.

The "crown jewel" of Marxist takeover is the dominance of the family, whereby fidelity to the state eclipses family loyalty. When this happens, the people are primed for complete subjugation. This is all plainly spelled out in Marxist writings. They have brilliantly followed their plan in America where their takeover has reached the final stages with the systematic erosion and breakup of the traditional family.

It is interesting that in an FBI raid that captured many of the key archives and documents of the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) sponsored organizations in America, the MB had a parallel four-point strategy called "cultural jihad" for subjugating America. This was all well documented and authenticated in U.S. Federal Court in the U.S. vs. the Holy Land Foundation Trial.

Both the Marxist and Muslim Brotherhood strategies seem to be working in tandem. Both are now operating the next to last stage of their strategy. The last stage for the Marxists is revolution; for Islamists, it is violent jihad. Without an awakening in America, we are tottering very close to unprecedented violence across our land. Not having to fight on our own land for over a century, many Americans are not even capable of imagining such a thing. However, it is very close.

Almost all of the intelligence and security policy professionals in the U.S. Government who understand these things have now been purged. At the same time, organizations such as CAIR (Council for American-Islamic Relations) that were named unindicted co-conspirators in the U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation Trial are now contracted to give "sensitivity training" in our Defense Department, Department of Homeland Security, and the CIA. This "sensitivity training" is accomplishing the exact opposite-blinding those who vowed to defend the Constitution that is now threatened from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Those documents seized by our FBI, and accepted as evidence in our U.S. Federal Court, were very clear about the MB's strategy to use "political correctness" and our own Constitution to destroy us. They are enemies both foreign and domestic! To be an "unindicted co-conspirator" means that the Court has evidence to indict them, but it is not the Court's place to do that, it is the Attorney General's responsibility. However, this was never done.

Am I being an alarmist? Yes! We need an alarm to wake us up. We should be sounding the alarm in every place and in every way. There are numerous courageous voices in our land doing this, and they are being effectively marginalized or silenced at this time. As they are being systematically removed from their place of influence, they are being replaced by the most easily duped or compliant.

Whether or not the Marxists and jihadists are being intentionally coordinated does not matter to us. As we are told in Ephesians 6:12, we are not warring against flesh and blood, but against spiritual principalities and powers in the heavenly places. This is far bigger than anything that mere human ingenuity and strategy can pull off. We must counter this in our government and cultural power centers by being knowledgeable and engaged in any way we can, especially seeking to elect those who have understanding and the courage to do something about it. Even so, these evil influences are now sown within the fabric of our nation to the extent that it will take another Great Awakening to avoid the collapse of America as a democratic republic.

Light is more powerful than darkness. The truth can set us free. However, rather than being light which exposes darkness, much of the church in America has succumbed to the malady the Apostle Paul warned would happen in the last days-people would only be able to hear things that tickle their ears, those things that make them feel good. This has made us like the ostrich that buries its head in the sand so that it does not have to see the threats, believing that will make the threat go away. They are not going away. They are growing at an increasingly fast pace, laughing louder and louder at our foolish blindness.

Without an awakening, we are getting very close to unprecedented violence in America. With an awakening, we will wake up to what is being done to us, throw it off, and return to the Lord. Only by this can our best and ultimate destiny be realized. We are in the Valley of Decision. Which will it be?


NOTE: For more information and resources on these subjects, or to join with those who are resolved to stand without wavering against the ultimate darkness of our times, go to www.theoakinitiative.org.




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