Evil Has Within It, the Seed of its Own Destruction






     has within it    

       the seed of its own    



Where did this statement come from?

Research shows that it's attributed to Karl Marx - if you can believe it! 


Actually, Karl Marx had an acquaintance with the Holy Bible,

and became expert at perverting God's principles and convincing masses of people that Marxism was inevitable. 


Karl Marx and Frederich Engles, working with Hegel's ideas,  created the concept of 'communism', where supposedly 'the people' own everything, and private ownership no longer exists. Of course we know how that played out historically. 'The people' were actually enslaved, exploited and killed by the millions, and the political 'elite' were the favored and moneyed class.


The Darwinian concept of 'survival of the fittest' was foundational to the whole structure.


Do we recall that satan is called 'the god of this world' in Holy Scripture? Seeing this, it is reasonable and logical to credit the minions of hell with the goal of world communism.


Since the marxist definitions of good and evil turned Truth upside down, what Marx meant was that 'capitalism' was evil and that its own destruction was inevitable. World communism needed only to help it along a little bit. This was usually done through publishing lies and half-truths, creating what the communists called, 'disinformation'. Enough 'useful idiots' in a nation bought the lies, and agreed to put the communists into power. 


It's still happening, by the way. Just look around you.

The website, WND.com, has recently added a book called

'Disinformation' to its distinguished collection of print and DVD

titles. Really eye-opening stuff! We urge our readers to lay aside all intellectual pride, and simply surrender to divine Truth and Love in the person of Jesus Christ, Israel's Messiah.


So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him,                

"If you continue in My word

then you are truly disciples of Mineand you will know the truth,

and the truth will make you free."  

 John 8:31,32 NASB


Let us pray then:

LORD, thank you for confirming Your Word to us!

In Jesus' mighty Name,







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