The BABIES - Cindy and Erma

The BABIES - Cindy & Erma

The day after my last baby's birth, a friend held him and changed his diaper. She wanted a child herself and that very day visited a clinic for a pregnancy test. The test confirmed her condition and seven months later, Cindy was born.

This friend's marriage to a drug dealer who had feigned Christian conversion had failed, and she was living with us for several months before the birth. She had visited one of the very few doctors in our area who will assist at a home birth, and he had pronounced her healthy and recommended certain dietary supplements. She had been on drugs for several years, but since her conversion to Jesus Christ, had cleansed her body through fasting and good sound diet.

The doctor agreed to come for the birth IF he was in town at the time. The morning the labor of almost seven and one half hours began, the doctor was not in the area. Two weeks before this, I had one of those fore-knowings, that I would be responsible for the labor and delivery. 

I had to fight the devil's accusations: "You've got some nerve - you've had no training - what if something should happen - you would be to blame" and so on. There is a statement by Paul the Apostle to the effect: "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13) Many times during the trials and stress of life I have clung to that statement of faith, reminding myself, the Lord, and the devil of it.

As I approached my responsibility as a novice midwife, I clung to God's promises in Scripture. I studied instructions for emergency childbirth, collected and prepared my supplies, and at times calmly, at times nervously, awaited the great event.

When the labor began, we were away for the night and the expectant mother called a friend of ours to come help her. When we arrived during late morning, she was definitely in labor and my half-desired, half-dreaded moment of truth had come. Two close friends came during the next several hours to encourage Sue, and with soft and lovely Jesus rock music coming through the speakers, we awaited the birth. Sue later said that my smile as I entered the room after being gone a few minutes, helped her a great deal. It was remarkable, for although I still felt uneasy and concerned when I was away from her, as I reentered the bedroom, a smile apparently covered my face, and calmness filled me. God is good!

Fear began to take hold of Sue toward the end of her labor, and a loving message from God to her was spoken, in which the fear was completely engulfed in God's love, and disappeared.

When the top of baby Cindy's head appeared at the opening of the birth canal, we were tremendously excited. Several more contractions and the baby was resting in my hands. I placed the baby on her mother's tummy and carefully unwound the cord which was loosely wrapped once around her neck.

What can you say at a time like that except, Wow! Hallelujah!

A doctor's exam several weeks later confirmed that mother and daughter were doing fine.


Sue cared for her baby, Cindy, and daily learned to be a mother. As a deserted wife she had a lot of problems, but overcame them through her trust in God. She was befriended by Chris, who made himself responsible as husband to her and father to Cindy. The little family took a trip to California early in 1974, and on the way Sue contracted a severe respiratory ailment, which a doctor diagnosed as "probably pneumonia." This occurred when Sue was barely pregnant again, and it was frightening to her and to Chris. They returned to Virginia and got an apartment near our home.

Because of the sickness early in this pregnancy, Sue felt the need to have check-up appointments with a doctor. Having the doctor confirm that all was well gave peaceful assurance to the expectant parents.

Chris and Sue took the Lamaze classes in natural childbirth; three-hour sessions once each week for six weeks. Here they met other young couples who wanted their babies born naturally, without anesthetic. This support, and the repetition of the preparatory material each week helped to increase their confidence in themselves to cooperate with God in their child's birth.

The water membrane broke and shortly after 9:00 am, Erma was born. It had been around five o'clock when our phone rang and Chris told us that Sue was in labor. We got over there as soon as we could,  and had another blessed time at a childbirth. Chris used random counting to help Sue keep her mind off of the contractions. He would mention a number six or below, then Sue would follow his direction and pant, then blow that number of times.

A friend who had delivered her own child with the Lamaze method in a hospital, helped by prompting Sue as she stood behind her, supporting her shoulders with a pillow. Sue did beautifully, and was so quiet that even her closest neighbors in the apartment house were not aware that the birth had taken place until several days later.

The moment when Erma appeared at the opening of the birth canal was an unsettling one for her father and for me, because it was obvious that what we were seeing was not her head. One more contraction and her little rear end entered the world as Chris received her. Then came one leg, then the other leg. The next contraction brought her shoulders, arms and head. We breathed happy sighs of relief and joy, and again felt that wonderful loving presence of the Lord filling the room and us. Thank you, Father! At the time we realized this would be a breach birth, I inwardly questioned, "Lord?" He had said, "Don't worry, it's all right." And indeed it was.

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