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The Great Commission

Understanding Marxism, Week 42

by Rick Joyner

As we begin our brief study of Marxism, we must keep in mind that judging other people groups by their most extreme elements can be an ultimate deception. There are liberals who are not socialists, and there are socialists who are not communists. Even so, the most moderate liberals can have some Marxist ideology in their worldview without knowing it, or they may know it and agree with it, but that does not make them a Marxist. There are many heathen who hold to some of the basic principles of Christianity, but that does not make them a Christian. We are not doing this study so that we can brand people or people groups, but so that we can see and discern this powerful gate of hell that is being used to bring so much destruction in our times.

Marxist ideology has become so pervasive that you can find evidence of it in the worldview of some conservatives. Some Marxist ideology does have merit. Rat poison is about 98% good food, or it would not attract rats, but the 2% of poison in it is fatal. Many Christians are drawn to the food mixed in with Marxism not realizing that death is also mixed in it. To see this, we need to go to the roots of this ideology.

An eagle needs a right and left wing to fly, and like it or not, so does America. We are mistaken to throw out every idea just because it comes from an opposite view than our own.        Even so, when such poison is involved that it has resulted in the death of nearly a hundred million people in just a few decades, as well as the devastation of the economies and cultures of many great nations, it is one of the biggest gates of hell to have ever been opened on the earth.

So we must understand these gates of hell because our most basic weapon against them is the light-the truth that illuminates them. Even so, we do not want to demonize any person for their beliefs. We are not warring against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, ideologies, and deceptions that have people in bondage to do the will of the evil one. Our goal in every case must be to have the light that shines so brightly that it exposes the darkness and shows people God's alternative to evil. As we read in Isaiah 60:3-5, the light is going to win, and the nations are ultimately going to come to the light of the gospel.

Because we are warned not to be ignorant of the enemy's schemes, we will pursue this understanding. We will also add to it the understanding of how the kingdom of God is the antithesis to every evil stronghold, and that is what we are seeking to lead people to. As these times unfold, everyone on the earth will be either drawn into the deadly gates of hell or to the kingdom. We are now entering the "Valley of Decision" for all nations, and all will decide.  

As we go forward, let us also keep in mind that many of those who embrace these doctrines, philosophies, and religions do not even know the basics themselves, much less practice them. I have talked to many Marxists who do not know the basics of Marxism. If you think that is strange, I have talked to many more who claim to be Christians who do not know the basics of their faith either, much less practice them.

Understanding Marxism

Marxism is the ideology developed by Karl Marx in the middle to late 1800's. Like many of the most deadly cults and philosophies to come forth in history, it was deemed so extreme, such madness, and so contrary to the march of civilization that it was not taken as a serious threat. Most thought it would not gain more than a few followers before disappearing from history. Within decades, it had subdued nearly half of mankind and resulted in over one hundred million deaths.

Like almost every movement that brings death and destruction on such a scale, only a tiny percentage of its adherents really understand its true intent and basic philosophy. It fueled itself by mobilizing the disgruntled, the idealistic, the impressionable, and the youth, whom Marx had dubbed "the useful idiots." These were rallied into a force with slogans, platitudes, and promises.

         The two most basic precepts of Marxism are:

         1) Individuals have no value.

         2) There is no such thing as private property.

Under pure Marxism, everything is about the collective. Everything belonged to the state, the collective, including your children, your spouse, even your life. They all could be taken from you at any time. Because of this, no one wanted to stand out. Therefore, no system has ever so completely destroyed creativity and initiative as Marxism. Soon anyone, or any group, that did stand out was quickly destroyed. This is where Marxism always ultimately leads, as we will examine next week.

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