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[Republished from WND  07.11.13]


Exclusive: Alan Keyes challenges readers to respond to his clarion call

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Once a high-level Reagan-era diplomat, Alan Keyes is a long-time leader in the conservative movement. He is well-known as a staunch pro-life champion and an eloquent advocate of the constitutional republic, including respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. He has worked to promote an approach to politics based on the initiative of citizens of goodwill consonant with the with the principles of God-endowed natural right.

What follows is an excerpt from a reader's comment on my column last week, with my reply. I suspect that there are millions of Americans who feel this reader's sense of betrayal. I wonder how many of them, among the readers of this column, have the individual intellectual and moral courage to take even one readily accessible step toward doing something about it? Not long ago WND's editor wrote an article recognizing that it might be long past time to take action. If enough people "let their yes be yes" in response to the simple challenge I make in this column, God knows what could happen.


What does Alan mean by "intelligence and courage to see and make use of them"? Is there something "actionable" in the Constitution for someone like me to use? How can ordinary citizens stop this tyranny other than by force of arms, through guerrilla warfare? ... There will soon come a point of no return where violence spawned of government overreach explodes onto the scene, never to be bottled up until the Second American Revolution is completed. We are the rag tag soldiers of George Washington, disillusioned by our former generals, now traitors, the likes of Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan included. The time is almost here as peaceful solutions seam untenable. What do you mean, Mr. Alan Keyes?


Step 1: Stop supporting the people and parties that are betraying America. Denounce and reject the elitist faction sham party system, i.e. the Democratic Party and the GOP.

Step 2: Build and support a political vehicle committed to the understanding of right, as endowed by God and conveyed in the Declaration of Independence.

Step 3: Launch the new political vehicle with a political effort that focuses on a grass-roots campaign to capture the "bully pulpit" of American leadership in 2016; but which starts in 2014 with a campaign to elect majorities in the U.S. Congress pledged and constitutionally sufficient to impeach and remove Obama, and all the other civil officers of the U.S. government responsible for the ongoing campaign to overthrow the U.S. Constitution, including Supreme Court justices and other federal judges currently engaged in judicial insurrection against the Constitution.

Over the past several years I have written extensively about the background and strategy needed to pursue these steps. To explore these writings, go to the navigation bar of my blog Loyal to Liberty. Read the articles accessible under the headings "America's Real Party System"; "Without Representation"; "Restoring Representation"; and "Christian Federalist." They introduce and describe the new political vehicle required.

As you read, think about the question you yourself have raised: Is it too late to restore the constitutional republic by peaceful political means? I refuse to conclude that it is too late, even though I may personally have more reason than most to think so. But my experience has convinced me that our constitutional system has not failed us. We have failed our Constitution. We have for too long allowed ourselves to be deceived by the elitist faction's party sham. We have failed to show the good sense and faithful courage needed to seize anew the opportunity for self-government the Constitution provides.

Of course, doing so will require a great effort on our part. That effort begins with the common-sense labor of mind and spirit required to refresh our familiarity with the logic of America's founding and rededicate ourselves to the business of preserving it. This first hurdle is perhaps the greatest. For if we no longer have the goodwill and patience to think through the logic of the founding (i.e., read and digest the thinking of the founders), we will certainly never rediscover the deeply convicted commitment to God and the Declaration that led so many Americans to give their all to preserve and apply it.

Our national anthem speaks of our country as the home of the brave. The elitist faction's tools in both the so-called major parties now act as if we are, in the words of Eric Holder, a nation of cowards. Which is it (keeping in mind that the courage most needed to preserve our self-government is not physical but moral)? The courage of a free people is not the brash, episodic, "Arab Spring" courage of a mob. It is the steady, persistent, "Valley Forge" courage of the faithful. People acting in good faith do not draw their resolve from the liquor of self-regarding passion. Their courage draws upon the living water of trust in God's righteousness, consistent with their own disciplined commitment to do what is right, as God gives them to see the right.

Here's a practical question: If a group of people who haven't betrayed our liberty, whom you recognize and still respect, came together to launch a political vehicle faithful to God and the Declaration, would you rally around the standard they raise? Refusing to be intimidated by the threatening potential of NSA surveillance, etc., would you use every means at your disposal, including employment of the Internet's social networking tools, to let everyone you can reach know what is happening, and encourage them to join in?

I challenge you and everyone who reads these words as you do: First to pray, as our founders did, to the God who made us all; and then, if you can let your yes be yes, answer my question with a simple action: reply to me at and cc: A simple "yes" will do. Then demonstrate your resolve by sharing this challenge with as many people as you can.

Eighty or so Minutemen gathered on the green at Lexington athwart the path of the British Regulars marching to seize the arsenal at Concord. Somewhere between four and five thousand patriots joined in the effort that followed that initial Revolutionary stand, and drove the British back behind their lines around Boston.

So, if I get 80 "yes" replies, I'll write a column to let you know.

If after that the word continues to spread and the number rises to over 4,000 affirmative replies, I'll write another column in which I'll commit to doing everything I know how to bring about the sort of deliberative meeting that could be the focal point for launching a political vehicle to represent those still dedicated to the Declaration's proclamation of God-endowed right.

It may be true that we can do nothing by ourselves alone. But if each of us will stand alone, by God, for right, He will soon show us that we do not stand alone, but with a sacred band of others who draw their courage from the byword of America's liberty: IN GOD WE TRUST.

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