Supermoon June 22, 2013

Supermoon June 22, 2013

       V i s i o n s   and  R e a l i t y      

We can no longer grin and exclaim . . . 
"NO WAY!" 
when someone says, "Man in the Moon!"

Just tilt your head
Supermoon 2013 - Watching Us?
a little to the left
to see what our
camera captured

on June 22,

Supermoon - brilliant in front of clouds

 Minutes later at another location, Supermoon
 appeared to be in front of clouds, which is impossible.

Church Tower, Grace UMC

Nearby residents enjoy the sound of the bells and
a favorite hymn from the church tower several
times a day. Waiting for Supermoon to arise,
we turned to photograph the tower, framed in

Tower, Grace UMC, Manassas, Virginia

Above sunset glow, a darkening cloud appeared, 
like a gigantic bird in flight.

 During the wait for Supermoon to appear over the trees,
 there was excitement. It seemed as if heaven and earth
 were communicating one with another. Visions of Truth
 and Beauty caught by the camera lens became more and
 more the revelations of heaven to God's people.
 Veiled Truth seemed to ask, 
 "When will you open your eyes to see My Glory?
 When will you seek My face?
 I Am here. I Am waiting . . .  COME!"

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