A Divine Conversation

A Divine Conversation

An on-going conversation exists between the divine Father and Son, beyond the hearing range of Earth-bound ears. Yet we are invited to separate ourselves from the things of the world, the flesh and the devil, and at times be "patched" into this heavenly conversation.

Recently such a "patch" occurred and what we heard went something like this:

The Father: "Son, it saddens Me that our family on Earth is largely Biblically illiterate.  They are so caught up into the things of their material world that they forget the treasures available to them through faith and trust in My Word. Let us call the praying ones to set aside the things of the world, and enter our heart of love and mercy for mankind."

The Son nodded agreement. "Yes I know, Father. When I was with them I warned them. They call it 'the parable of the seed sown by the wayside.' Let us keep reminding them again and again until they act on My words, and reject all distractions from our kingdom Truth."

The Father: "There is so much of heaven that I want to share with My children while they yet live on the Earth -- but their attention is too much toward themselves and their "things".

I'm reminded of the life of one of my sons, Rees Howells of Wales. Let's bring him to the attention of our dear ones still on Earth and invite them also to walk with us as Rees did. His story is still available in print, isn't it?"

Yeshua nodded. "Yes Father, it is. It was lovingly written and published by Norman Grubb as part of his missionary work.

"Father, I share your sadness, and want to see our family come much closer to us and to one another. Let's draw them with cords of love, and give them testimonies of victory over the difficult circumstances of life. As they learn to rejoice in their trials, things of the world, flesh and devil will fall away from their lives. Then as they learn to love one another as You and I love, our joy and truth in them will overwhelm the world's lying deceptions."

Then in heavenly agreement, the Two commissioned Holy Spirit to carry out this mission -- and so began the wave of God's love which will continue until 

". . .  the knowledge of the glory of the LORD will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea", 

and Yeshua, God's Son, returns to the Earth.



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