Retune and Realign Your Heart

Prayer to


        Retune  and  Realign 

   your  Heart   

by Dr. Paul L. Cox


I had not been sleeping, again! It started gradually on the night of the winter solstice in 2008. By the end of January 2009 I was waking up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. Weeks passed and my fatigue increased. Others were not sleeping either. We were consistently waking up around 1:30 a.m., unable to return to sleep. Then, we all shifted to waking up at 4:00 a.m., then 5:00 a.m., still unable to go back to sleep. I called intercessors and pleaded for the Lord to bring understanding about what was happening.

At the end of February 2009, we had an intern-training week at Aslan's Place in Hesperia, California. While praying for a man who was desperately seeking freedom in his life, the Lord revealed what seemed to be a spiritual stop sign in front of him. I was intrigued when  I could not feel it as I moved away from him; it was clearly discernible directly in front of him. Moving my hand toward him, I asked if he felt as if he had been stopped in his forward movement; he immediately said, "Yes!" We prayed for him and asked the Lord to remove the stop sign.  I felt we were finished until my daughter, Christy Lisle, reported seeing something evil in front of the man. I assured her that the stop sign was gone, but she was insistent! Humoring her, I put my hand close to his body and, indeed, I felt something like a pair of "spiritual" lungs.          

The Lord was leading me on another journey.

The next day we began to pursue what the Lord had shown us. When those with visual spiritual giftings looked at each of us, they began to see that what I had thought were lungs were, in reality, bat wings. As I felt the winds, I realized that these wings were tied to an ungodly spiritual ruler, who seemed to be blowing a trumpet, heralding an ungodly decree against each person's birthright. These ungodly decrees, rooted in idolatry, establish and maintain a stop sign in a person's life causing spiritual blindness and deafness. A trumpet was pointed toward the heart and neck of each individual. It seems that the decree is an inaudible vibration, beyond the range of human perception, with wavelengths that cause discord. The stop sign seems to magnify the vibrations coming from the ungodly ruler.

As we questioned the Lord about this vibration, he said that the vibration releases doubt, so that believers do not walk in faith. Fear is a consequence of this unbelief. It's the kind of fear Luke writes about, "Men's hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken."

This ungodly vibration also seems to disrupt the normal vibrations of DNA. As I felt the direction of the vibration, I could discern it affecting the right lower ventricle of the heart. I was amazed to find out from a medical doctor later that the blood from that ventricle goes right to the lungs. There is a tie between the disruption of blood flow from that ventricle and sleep apnea. The Lord was connecting the dots!

The Lord then revealed that the generational root enabling the vibration was a lack of love which fostered disunity, especially disunity with a family. We asked the person we were praying for if there was a history of disunity in his family. He replied that it had been a major problem, both in his own life and in his generational line, especially brother against brother. Then the Lord gave us a Scripture, 1 John 4:7-16.

       Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; 

         and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 

         He who does not love does not know God, for God is love. 

         In this the Love of God was manifested toward us, 

         that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, 

         that we might live through Him. 

         In this is love, not that we loved God, 

         but that He loved us and sent His Son 

         to be the propitiation for our sins. 

         Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 

         If we love one another, God abides in us 

         and His love has been perfected in us. 

         By this we know that we abide in Him, and He in us, 

         because He has given us of His Spirit. 

         And we have seen and testify that the Father 

         has sent His Son as Savior of the world. 

         Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, 

         God abides in him, and he in God. 

         And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. 

         God is love,


         and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.

As we were talking to each other and hearing from the Lord, Ann Smith from Collingwood, Canada, shared a dream she'd had some months before. Ann suffers with an irregular heartbeat that seriously affects her breathing. Here is Ann's dream:

I was outside a house in Canada and was discerning something very evil. Paul Cox was there. I received a musical key. At this point I became righteously angry. As Paul went into the house, I began to sing; I held one continuous note until all my breath had gone.

It seemed to me as if this musical key, this vibration, was somehow going to be a solution to her healing.

A sudden realization occurred to me. Bats are awake at night! If there are spiritual bats attached to us, then they would be active at night and could disrupt sleep! Perhaps I had found the key to why I was not sleeping.

But, why could I not feel this bat in front on me? The Lord made it clear. We are blinded to what is coming against us. 1 John 2:11 says, "But he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes." It all seemed so obvious now. Bats operate in darkness? A sonarlike vibration allows them to navigate at nighttime. Isn't it interesting that we use the term, "blind as a bat"?

I remembered that in Isaiah 34:14, the Hebrew word Lilith is translated as "night creature" in the New King James Version. In tradition, Lilith is said to be the daughter of Dracula and to manifest as a wolf or bat. Lilith does not sleep at night! I have had a sense for a long time that this evil spirit is tied to night terrors.

More insight came the following month. In March 2009, we held two weeks of school in Hesperia, California. A couple of people who are involved in the entertainment industry in Hollywood attended the school. As we discussed the revelation about the bat, many felt that the recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight, was helpful in understanding what the enemy was releasing on the earth through the media. We also realized that key words in Scripture applied to the movie and the prayer: night, fear, blindness, darkness, secret things, light, eye (as that which perceives darkness and light), and heart. At last

"The Prayer to Retune and Realign the Heart" was ready to  be written!

After the first intern training in January and getting revelation about the stop sign and the bat, my sleep gradually improved. After writing and praying the prayer during the school in March, my sleep improved greatly. On the very night of the spring equinox, my sleep pattern finally returned to normal. I had not slept well between the winter solstice (the point is the year when the sun is farthest from the celestial equator) until the spring equinox (the point in the year when the sun crosses the celestial equator and days and nights are almost equal in length. 

The Lord had revealed the plans of the enemy and once again, he had shown himself to be victorious!

The Prayer:

Retune and Realign the Heart

On behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for and renounce viewing ungodly images, listening to ungodly sounds in the airwaves, and coming into agreement with ungodly sights and sounds.

On behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for and renounce satanic and demonic agreement with any demonic movie or media or the production of it. Lord, forgive me for rejoicing in the triumph of evil as portrayed in movies and books. I repent for reading any books and comic strips and for watching any films that exalted darkness or the bat in idolatry. I repent for idolizing and receiving the culture of and the artistic designs of bats and other creatures from the second heaven. Lord, please cut all ungodly ties between me and these dark images and movie characters.

On behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for and renounce worshipping bats. I renounce the  belief that the worship of bats will avert disaster, bring abundance, and bring long life. I also repent for all generational vampirism.

Lord, forgive me and my generational line for opening up the door to the spirit of death, sleep apnea, and night terrors. I repent for and renounce our giving access to Lilith, the spirit of night terrors, and I command in the name of Jesus that Lilith and the spirit of death leave my generational line. I repent for all generational witchcraft, lawlessness, and rebellion. Lord, please disconnect me from the night watches of the witches.

On behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for and renounce being irritated, angry, and jealous of family, the brethren in Christ, and those who have yet to embrace Christ's way. By the grace and enabling that you, Holy Spirit, have given me, I choose to respond with your Spirit of love and to dispense your living water. I declare that you will supply all my needs according to your riches in glory. I declare that the place you have chosen for me to occupy within your body is the best place for me. I will rejoice in the successes of others.

On behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent of and renounce giving place to the devil and coming into agreement and aligning myself with his ways; I repent of and renounce embracing an ungodly vigilante spirit and trying to correct injustice by humanistic means. Lord, I repent for all perversion of justice by unrighteous enforcement of it. I acknowledge that you have said, "Vengeance is mine." I declare that I will wait for your justice and for your restoration and recompense for every injustice to myself and my family line.

On behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent of and renounce coming into agreement with ungodly spiritual rulers who have used lies and fear to stop me from walking in your ways. Lord, would you disconnect me from the consequences of believing these lies and fears? I declare that the end does not justify any means. I declare that true justice is found only in you, Lord. Your cross, Lord Jesus, provides the answer to all trauma and injustice.

Heavenly Father, please tune me to your vibration, sound, frequency, and heartbeat, so that my heart beats in accord with yours. Let all the sounds that come out of my mouth be in harmony with your sound. Lord, would you replace the life-sucking fear the enemy has attached to me with peace, rest, and confidence in your eternal, unshakable love? Lord, please restore the righteous sound of all creation.

On behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for trying to control others and for not releasing them to you, Lord, to deal with. 

I repent for causing suspicion, disunity, fear, and darkness to come on them by my choices. I repent for operating in collusion with the spirit of Jezebel. I repent for not trusting in others' revelation by the Holy Spirit. I repent for misguided intercession motivated by fear, jealousy, insecurity, and envy.

I repent for false discernment from a lack of love. I repent for harsh words that stir up anger, foolish words that are opposed to true wisdom, and for not using a wholesome tongue which is the tree of life. I repent for speaking perverseness, distortion, and foolishness instead of wisdom. I repent for and renounce, on behalf of myself and my family line, all negative speech and for harboring resentment in our hearts.

Lord, on behalf of myself and my generational line, I ask your forgiveness for backbiting and reproaching our friends. I repent for not honoring those who have the fear of the Lord. Lord, when our brothers may have sinned against us, I repent because we have taken action based on our suspicions and not checking our facts and not going to you before doing anything. When they have wronged us, I repent because we have not always gone to our brothers in love to show them their faults in private, but ignoring your command, we have taken action before giving them the opportunity to repent. I repent for allowing religious and legalistic spirits to come against me and stop your designed purposes. I repent for not trusting you and my brothers.

Lord, on behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for and renounce criticizing, murmuring, complaining, speaking and listening to gossip and the lies of the enemy. I repent for listening to the ungodly whispering of humans and demonic beings, allowing the whispering to cause division. Lord, would you drive out the murmuring, complaining, critical, and whispering spirits?

Lord, I forgive all those who have spoken evil against me and my family, and I release them to you. I ask that you break all ungodly ties and connections between me and those coming against me. Lord, I forgive those who have offended me, and I choose to not hold on to or harbor offense. I ask you to give me an unoffendable and childlike heart.

Lord, on behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for accepting the enemy's lies and not being a lover of the truth. I repent for not listening to the discernment of others. I repent for not humbling myself to listen to what others are saying and for not being willing to submit to others. I acknowledge that a lot of times I was trying to help, but I was in deception and did not use discernment. I ask for a release from deception so that I can intercede appropriately. I repent for not loving in the way that you, God, love.

I renounce and repent for giving my body over to darkness and to lust, for being fascinated with darkness, and for worrying and not trusting you, Lord. I repent for and renounce reacting to violence out of fear and suspicion. For myself and my ancestors, I renounce and repent for hatred, strife, bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, envy, division, doubt and unbelief.

For myself and my ancestors, I repent for and renounce the pride of life, the lust of the eyes, and lust of the flesh, which has empowered hardness in my heart and has produced fear, doubt, and unbelief.

For myself and my ancestors, I renounce and repent for turning a deaf ear to the poor. Lord, I choose to surrender to your will to honor the widows and orphans.

For myself and my ancestors, I renounce and repent for not ministering with a pure heart of love. I repent for giving and receiving soulish revelation. Lord, I submit to and delight in your Spirit of the fear of the Lord, and I ask you to convict and correct me before I speak. I ask that you would release the gift of discernment and your Spirit of counsel, might, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge upon me, so that I will know both the words and the timing of when and if I should speak.

Lord, I choose to surrender to your will, and I declare that I will come into absolute surrender to your ultimate lordship of my whole being, surrendering my whole heart.

For myself and my ancestors, I renounce and repent for being afraid of man and evil and for succumbing to the fear of man, which is a snare.

I renounce and repent, for myself and my ancestors, for listening to the enemy's sound; it is a false breastplate producing a false sense of security. Lord, I ask that you would remove the sound and sonar used by the enemy to send vibrations to track my path, identity, and inheritance. Lord, please remove all the sonar, sound, frequencies and vibrations being sent to me or being emitted from me that would give the enemy insight into my birthright and place in the world.

For myself and my ancestors, I renounce and repent for having a heart that has grown fat with spiritual plaque. I repent for hard-heartedness and for allowing my heart to grow dull, my ears to become hard of hearing, and my eyes to become dim and  blind. For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce hardening our hearts to the voice of God. I repent for and renounce saying any words to suggest or declare that God doesn't hear, see, or care about our situations.

On behalf of myself and any of my ancestors who sold our birthright, Lord, I repent for making agreements with the enemy and giving away our original birthright, the birthright you intended for us. I receive life back from you, Lord.

For myself and my ancestors, I renounce and repent for spiritual adultery, for giving our hearts over to other lovers, and for not putting you first in our lives. Lord, remove all idolatry in my heart. I renounce and repent for everything and anything that I've placed in my heart above you, Lord Jesus.

For myself and my ancestors, I renounce and repent for accepting false responsibility for others and usurping Christ's role as lord of their hearts. Lord, forgive me for accepting that responsibility of heart ownership that only belongs to you.

I repent for and renounce all our stagnation of spirit and all thinking in our hearts that the Lord will not do good or evil.

On behalf of myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce releasing ungodly sounds from the heart. Lord, remove the ungodly sounds, frequencies, and vibrations of the heart; cleanse my blood, and regenerate it by the water of the Holy Spirit.

I repent for and renounce all words, prayers, and utterances that my ancestors and I have spoken that have given power and dominion to the prince of the air. Lord, please remove all sound, frequencies, and spoken words that have stopped and held  back the children of God.

Lord, please remove all cloaks of invisibility, shame, blame, disgrace, and reproach.

Lord, I repent for finding my identity in who others say that I am rather than in who you say I am. Lord, remove all identity chips that the enemy has planted in me that I have come into agreement with regarding who I am. I repent for seeking man's approval over your approval and for trying to build my kingdom instead of Your Kingdom. I repent for looking to myself and not keeping my eyes on you. Lord, I ask you to remove pride, selfishness, insecurity, rejection, and fear of rejection so that I can love you and your children wholeheartedly. Lord, break my heart with all that breaks your heart, remove my heart of stone, and give me your heart of flesh.

Father, I repent for limiting you, for limiting all that you desire to do in my life and all that you desire to do through me. I repent for rejecting your dreams as being too grandiose. Lord, reawaken Your visions, and Your dreams in me; reawaken all that You called me to partake in before the foundation of the earth. I choose to call into  being that which is not and to partner with You in creation, declaring your purposes and will. 

Lord, you have tried my heart. You have visited me in the night. You have found no wickedness in me. I have avoided the ways of the violent. My feet have held fast to your paths. Lord, before you, I am a baby, an infant, trusting in your care. As a babe in arms, I praise You. Your works and Your name are majestic above all the earth. Lord, You establish the universe by Your word, and all creation is Yours, yet You are mindful of man, having made him a little less than God, crowning him in Christ Jesus with glory and honor. Vindicate me, oh Lord, with Your presence. Destroy Your enemies in my life, oh God. Restore Your dominion and victory.

I ask You to break off of me the consequences of negative words and curses that others and I have pronounced over my life. I break all agreements with negative thinking and the lies of the enemy, and I choose to walk in truth.

Lord, I ask You to remove all ungodly spiritual rulers, authorities, and shields that have operated in my life. I ask that You release your godly spiritual rulers, authorities, and shields to operate in my life. I receive Your breastplate of righteousness and your righteous spiritual rulers.

Holy Spirit, I ask You to reveal to me your truth and remove all distorted vision and thinking.

Father, it is through the holy Body and Blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ, that we ask, 

and believe, 

and thank you for hearing us. 

    Because You are faithful to Your Covenant !    

   AMEN !    



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