Worship Feeding Intercession

[from Dr. Chuck E. Pierce, Glory of Zion Ministries]

   W a r   i n   t h e   H e a v e n l i e s !   

Many of you have shared about the increased spiritual activity you are sensing in the second heaven. Some of this is manifesting in the news, and we see examples of rockets that are being launched from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, and of devastating wildfires in Colorado Springs that are filling the skies with smoke and ash . . . 

Earlier this week John and Sheryl Price sent me the following words which also pertains to changes in the heavens. They often travel with me internationally and are key apostolic leaders in New Jersey who also help anchor our monthly gatherings in Brooklyn. They shared:

"This week I watched the heat wave get moved out by a new front that came through, and the battle in the heavenlies over one system moving another system out was something I have never seen before. I have never seen rain like that. Actually trees broke because of rain, not wind. I've never seen rain that hard. I believe God wants to give us an increase in intercession to move out old systems. As we move now into new realms of worship, ask the Lord to expand the abilities that He's already placed within you to intercede." (John Price)

"This is the season where the caverns of the deep are going to give up their treasure. For the Lord says that there are rivers flowing in deep places that you have not yet tapped. So dig deep with your prayers and reach high with your faith and uncover the cavernous places of wealth.

The wealth of My Spirit that has been hidden in this season will now be brought to life, for I say to you that no enemy shall go there, but I have prepared this place for my sons and my daughters, the sons of God that will be made manifest in this season. 

So dig deep, reach high and drink of the deep waters of the caverns of My Spirit so you may benefit from the wealth that is being released from the running of those deep waters. This is a season that I have allowed My garden to flourish within you, so I have sent the rain of My Spirit upon you even this day, for there are many things that I want to blossom forth in your life. 

There is fruit hidden within you that you have not yet realized...so receive the season of flourishing. Receive the season of refreshing and bring forth much fruit in your life now, says God." (Sheryl P.)

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