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          "HEALTHCARE REFORM"   


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The Supreme Court has declared that the Obama healthcare act is about mandated tax for those who do not own health insurance. Although we were told by the Chief Executive that we would NOT be taxed - the Supreme Court of the United States has declared otherwise. Multiple taxes on health-related businesses will be added on, and the result will be several more TRILLION dollars to saddle the nation's economy.

What will Congress do? Certainly, the act must be repealed - and then what? Eric Cantor has announced a House of Representatives vote on July 11, 2012, to repeal the act.

What will the American People do? We need to start with the truth . . .

The "Healthcare" situation in the USA, and most discussion of it,

is faulty from its foundation -- that is,

The orthodox medical system in the USA was designed to address, not health care,



Examining the course of medical study in almost any American educational institution reveals diagnosis and treatment (cancer for instance) by pharmaceuticals, surgery and radiation. 

The true study of HEALTH AND HOW TO ACHIEVE IT -- is not the establishment's goal. Much of the writing in the press, broadcasting and magazine industry is done by Pharma representatives, or excerpted from their white papers.

Pharmaceutical and other medical financial interests fund the universities. These have the biggest, best funded congressional lobbying force in the nation. Federal health regulatory agencies are revolving doors for Pharma industry executives. We could go on    and on    and on . . .

So what can we do to remove the poisonous policies and practices which have decimated our people's health, killing many prematurely, and destroying their family finances?

Public ignorance is due to truth-suppression by the med establishment in the USA in league with government and media. We must correct this tragic situation!

Congressional and grassroots conservative leaders are urged to contact this communications ministry. We have many years of study, experience, and a book mss. to share.            

Praying for you . . .

With blessings,   

Lindsay House Publishing


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