There Are Not Enough Of You Yet

A memoir by Raylyn Terrell

" T h e r e  a r e  n o t   e n o u g h  o f  y o u  y e t... "

The weather was moderate, neither hot nor cold. My solitary walk on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. was not turning out well. My current call to minister to members of Congress was bringing disappointments and some failures.

From time to time, ever since being baptized into the Holy Spirit two years after my conversion, I would be led to Capitol Hill with a message for an individual or group. This time it had been for a Senate committee considering an aid bill to relieve starvation in India.

Several weeks before that day, the Lord had given me a message directed to this committee: 

In the report, I cited U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics concerning our stored grain supply, and the use of our grain by the American alcohol industry.

Clearly the lines were drawn, the connections were made, and there was no doubt in my mind that God intended to hold Congress responsible for the sharing of America's bountiful harvests with the hungry in other lands. Someone had to deliver the message.

This particular messenger was going through a training program: learning to listen, to pray, to go, and to listen and pray some more.

This proposed measure for the aid of India's people was passed by the Senate committee, but it did not succeed in passing the full Congress. 

The day the measure failed to pass, I walked outside of the Capitol Building, and took my frustrations out on God.

"Why?", I said in my grief. "I did what you wanted, Lord. I wrote, I went, I prayed and believed you would answer! What went wrong?"

After my spirit and soul received the calming touch of the Lord, I heard His answer:

"There are not enough of you yet."

These seven words changed my future life's direction.

The answer had to be: prayer and networking agreement with others.

Where are they? Who are they? How would we join together?

Suddenly, the prayer of Yeshua, the Son of God, given to us in the 17th chapter of John's Gospel, became my life's goal and my life's passion.

That was then, in the late 1960s.

This is now, February of 2011.

Many prayers have been prayed, and many answers have come. Many new sons and daughters of God have been raised up. A new generation of prophetic people is learning to listen to their Heavenly Father, and to obey His Word, and a new political movement called the Tea Party has arisen in the U.S.A.

So what is God saying today in the midst of the current crises? 

One night I heard:

"The labels of republican or democrat do not identify righteous or unrighteous.         

There are in both groups those who uphold My Word, and those who oppose it.

Watch and pray.


Focus prayer to turn leaders to righteousness.

Pray for wheat and tares separation.

Pray for sheep and goat separation.

Bind the spirits causing division and alienation."

It sure looks like a divine mandate to me...

So, how about you, my friend...

Are you in?


!     ?     !

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