Biblical Birthing

Biblical Birthing

An Introduction

What happens when God wants to make His love and wisdom known to several generations upon the planet Earth? I can only relate what happened to me and to my family.

First there was "A Mother's Prayer" which came by inspiration in the middle of the night while we were expecting the third child in the family...

A  M o t h e r' s  P r a y e r

   Help me Lord, to show my children

    The way of love and understanding,

  The way of healing sick souls through endless patience,

   The way of unselfish devotion,

  Built on self-discipline so that no weakness

    Can allow contamination by the already sick.

 Help me Lord, to learn for myself.

Help me Lord, to show my children

   The way of strength and courage,

The way of faith bringing light of love to unravel

 The tangled web of mens' confused emotions.

     Help me Lord, to learn for myself.


         Help me Lord, to show my children

           The way of the family.

             The precious, fragile threads of love and self-sacrifice,

            Shared, returned, given again,

                Between those who hold the lives and welfare of loved ones

           In sacred trust.

             Help me Lord, to learn for myself.


            Help me Lord, to show my children

               The joys of art and knowledge,

                 The ceaseless nourishment and healing,

                   Building with the hands, the mind, the spirit.

                    Help me Lord, Oh, help me Lord to learn for myself,

                    That I may show my children


               T h e   W a y   o f   G o d !


                            RdeG,     1958

This "intro" set us up for the rest of the story which includes "biblical birthing".

My first six children were born in hospitals. During the sixth labor, an impatient hospital intern took over, and by puncturing the membranes, caused too much liquid to be in the canal. The baby breathed in some of the liquid and was born with pneumonia. The pediatrician was fearful that it might be meningitis, which had killed his own infant two years before, and he asked me to okay a spinal tap.

As I prayed, I received one of the strongest answers I had ever known.                            NO SPINAL TAP!

When I asked the doctor if there was a safer way, he replied that a blood sample from the heel would be the next  best thing. It was this procedure which brought the diagnosis of pneumonia. Before I left my new son in the hospital for 14 days, I held him, praying for his welfare and for my own. A beautiful bonding took place. During those two weeks, I maintained the milk supply so that I could nurse the baby after bringing him home.

How wonderful to know God as Father and Friend, and be spared so much of the misery of life without that loving assurance !

We learned over the years that a healthy mother with a good nutritional practice does not need a doctor or hospital for the birth of her baby. Our experience of home births in the family proved the great and tender mercies of God toward those who believe His Word, and trust Him. Since my own experiences, one of my daughters, a daughter-in-law, and several grand-daughters have chosen natural birthing as well.

Contemporary Western medical practice, (especially in the U.S.A.) has imposed a heavy financial burden on parents preparing for the birth of their child. Very few people can afford to have babies in this unreasonable, inflated situation because the family's joy is drained away with the price tag attached to their baby.

We wonder how many couples, or mothers, have chosen to abort their unborn children because of the incredible cost of bringing that child to live birth in this "civilized" country of the United States of America.

In addition, we seriously question the suppression of the midwifery movement by the medical establishment. Today as we work to repeal (or to nullify) the present administration's so-called healthcare legislation, we need to once again accept and understand Father God's care for His human creation. Families need the freedom to decide how much or how little medical care they need. 

Today there are many scheduled caesarian section deliveries designed for the convenience of doctors. However, there is a God-ordained time for each birth, and we should honor His timing. We must stop allowing medical "authorities" to play God.

Old and New Testament believers are blessed to know the God Whose historical presence blessed the human birthing of Moses and of Jesus. 

He still attends births.

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