F R A U D !



Subject: FRAUD


(A testimony of Rev. Roy Parker)


Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010


Tuesday night from around 7pm and lasting into the early morning Wednesday, I was visited by a total stranger who had two questions.  The first question was: 


"Does  God  allow  people  into  Heaven  who  commit  suicide?"


The second question was 


"If  I  don't  commit  suicide,  when  I  die  naturally,  will  God  understand  and  forgive  my  sin  if  I  continue  working  for  the  entity  that  caused  me  to  sin  against  the  People  of  the  United  States ?"


This is the story he told me.


I work in an accounting section of the United States Government in Washington DC.  There are millions and millions of dollars of waste and unnecessary spending every day in our government.  There is a mandate in the accounting section where I work to demand that departments spend 110% of their budget because if they don't, Congress will not increase their budgets the following year.  


Our department is required to send memos to the departments that are falling behind in their spending. 

For instance, the military recently trashed office after office of furniture to purchase new, just to spend their budget, and you can go to Restore stores and find truckloads of this nearly new furniture.  

Our [office's] only function is to make sure departments and agencies over-spend their budget!



Then the story got worse -- 


A few days ago, we were handed a task, and that task was to get the present Congress re-elected.  In order to get them re-elected, we had to have a story that the (Democrats) were responsible for a supposed economic recovery by finding some information that was not known to be the root cause of the recession. Behind locked doors, we collectively came up with the following story, and appointed a "study group" to have the responsibility of broadcasting this story as the actual truth of the cause of the recession (Under Bush) so that the Democratic National Committee can announce a revival of the American economy just hours before the election and in such a short time that the Republicans could not effectively respond to this falsehood!


We decided to spread the story, and it has already been sent to the news media, 


that the crash resulted in a major sell order by a fund, who in error failed to set the sell price in their offering, so the bottom feeders on Wall St. jumped in and made millions and millions of share purchases -- some 40% below market value, some 75% below market value, and some 95% below market value. 


The truth of the matter is that nothing like that ever happened. 


We just had to manufacture the paper trail to "prove" it happened!  


Around the first of November, there is going to be a false announcement by the President and/or the White house to "Prove" the economic stability in the American Economy, and thus "throw" the election to the Democratic candidates and incumbents!  (end of visitor's story)



(Roy Parker )The above is a short version of my visitor's story.


I HAVE TAKEN COUNSELING COURSES and have the ability to know when someone is looking for an answer rather than actually wanting to do something; so I ended the "desire" to commit suicide by making the following statement to my visitor:


If the government and the people running the government are so greedy, and their goal is to grab money for themselves regardless of their fiscal responsibility to the people of this country, why would you feel that your suicide would make a difference to them?  


They would not be the victim -  you would be, and for what cause?  


To them, you are just another dollar on the power pole and when you are gone, someone will jump into your job and responsibility, and life will go on in D.C. and in Richmond, and on all the boards of supervisors and selectmen in America! 


Then my visitor laughed, and said that I probably was correct, but -- 



"There is no other way in the world 

to make the money I do. "



With that, the man got into his car and drove away ! 




Roy A. Parker

Ordained Minister



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